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I too have suddenly developed prickling/tingling sensation all over my scalp and crazy dizzy spells. Mine started one month after having eye surgery in December 2012 to correct double vision. I no longer have double vision but I feel like my vision is off, it's clear but it feels like things are moving and jumping sometimes. I have had a CT (clear), I have seen several optometrists, an ophthalmologist and a neurologist and no one can find anything wrong or give me an answer. It is more than just annoying, it is actually painful. My doctor started me on Lyrica in June 2013 and it was helping with the prickling a bit but 2 weeks ago it came back full force along with the dizziness and the stabbing knife in the top of my head which has been there since January 2013. My doctor upped my Lyrica dosage but how long will that last, I can't stay on it forever or keep upping the dose. I am going crazy and cannot continue like this. I am desperate for an answer and solution. Please, please someone help me.

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