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Hey guys - the other week I recently had a panic attack about something. Ever since - my health has not been the same.

I experience the following:

33yo male.

- Burning sensation of skin (mainly top half of my body) but still everywhere.
- Tingling and twitches in the face
- Noticed a few new floaters. Did an eye test everything seems 20/20 still.
- Rapid mood changes / sad and anxious - THIS IS A BIG ISSUE NOW.
- Forgetful all the time
- Before sleep or when I'm tired the tingling and twitches are the worst
- I did have a sore back (seemed was an injury) and during this peroid whenever I lied down i would feel spasms on the back of my neck and head
- Sometimes when lying down feel my heart beating real hard (I notice this is usually when I'm anxious)
- Generally in good health and doing exercise
- My mood leading up to this was extremely stressed and hoping this did not trigger anything
- myclonic jerks sometimes when i doze off to sleep - I have noticed this is when I am very anxious and thinking about the pins and needles.
- When I wake up theres NO SYMPTOMS. Generally towards the end of the day or if I have a panic attack.

Finally - my health history is:
- 4 years ago got a eye check as I was getting floaters - doctor said everything checked out fine
- 3 years ago - noticed I had a crackling sound in ear and ENT checked inside the ear and said it was fine.
- I suffer from high cholesterol (heart disease is in the family) - I actually forgot to take my cholesterol meds for 6 months and just started again.
- I remember when I was 16 I did have a tick on my leg and I pulled it out - I don't think it could be lyme disease after nearly 15 years?

Symptoms have remained constant and slightly getting better. Should I go to the doctor and ask for specific tests or anything?

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