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Terribly concerned about my daughter, now age 53 who was a nutrition counselor and took excellent care of her health. She was transported to emergency 4 June 2013 after having seizure on left side. The CT/MRI results were brain abscess 8.45x5.71mm with edema 48x48mm in left parietal lobe. The SCAN with brain biopsy was on 6/6 removing as much of abscess as possible. Culture shows abundant growth of pepto streptococcus asaccharolyticus NOT group D. Subsequent CTs are showing abscess gone but still has some edema. After many rounds of high powered antibiotics, she is still with incision site pain, the extreme tongue/ mouth burning sensations as well as weakness in right arm. We were told it would be a long recovery but now wondering how long. She has had a lot of anxiety with this illness also but this has calmed somewhat. She takes Keppra to prevent seizures and Paxil..We also learned from brain CT in 7/16 that she had encephalomalacia which is cerebral softening which the brain does not repair.

Just wondering since this is a rather rare ailment if there were any others that have knowledge of recovery with this illness.

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