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Having double and double negative vision now. Had Neuro testing done.. no abnormalities except for vision & some anxiety indicated in a psychological test.

Recommending further investigations with sleep issues, possible neuro opthomalagist, and an "envoked response" test??

Since starting the C-Pap in 2007, I've never had a day where I wake up feeling well-rested. Granted, the "wake-up" headaches are fewer
though-which is a positive. I've had 2 sleep studies done and my pressure is set at 12.0. I wear it faithfully everynight, all night long...thinking that even if it doesnt help me feel better, maybe it might be helping my memory !

The dizziness and strange memory issues seem to have subsided after about about a month. All I'm left with now is the 24/7 numbness/tingling/burning in my hands and feet and occasional bursts of head pain that last for a minute or two. I've also noticed that I have quite a few sore/tender spots on my
head..not sure what this is about ???

Last year, I had a 9 month period of arm/hand/foot numbness & tingling
(no burning). Is it possible that the meds I take can have side effects,
then no side effects, then reappear??

Traditionally, I've always been a relaxed-easy going person figuring
that if you are doing your best that's all anyone can ask for or there's no
sense worrying about anything because in the end, it all works out somehow

But over the last two years a lot has happened...I remarried, my only child
went off to college, I've gained 25 pounds (I'm only 5ft 2in), I sold my
house in the town where I lived for 48 yrs, I went out into the "real-world" (after owning my own business for 22 years) and got a job (for 4
months..which I wasn't very good at..had memory issues), then got a job
that I've had for 9 months...I've received 2 verbal warnings and a written warning...not able to lean and retain info )

It's very frustrating getting written warnings in entry-level positions when
I ran a company with over 30 employees and annual sales of over 2million dollars.

I believe I'm going to get back into counseling as soon as I'm allowed to
drive again--it definitely couldn't hurt!

Thanks for reading my ramblings .


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