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Problem - Strong/ unbearable vibrations in head
Time - Problem since 10 years

Medical History:
She is 62 years

1. No sugar, No blood pressure.
2. Nose - Sinus operation - 35 years ago
3. Uterus removal - 15 years ago
4. Thyroid - from 10 years
5. Acidity - from 7 years
6. Gas trouble - from 1 year
7. Knee pain - now OK as she is doing yoga

Just FYI...

1. She did lot of meditation around 30 years ago
2. ~ 6 months ago she underwent a naturopathy course (10 days course). As they give only boiled food to eat she went very weak followed by severe depression and unsustainable vibrations in head

Problem Details -

When this problem started 10 years ago, she got following symptoms:

1. She started feeling as if something is circling/ revolving near the 3rd eye areas (centre of the forehead where Indian women puts red dot or bindi)
2. Long sightedness (objects appears far then they actually are)
3. Pulsating beats in 3rd eye area

During these last 10 years till now following is her problem:

1. Very strong vibrations in all parts of head which makes her feel very uneasy (stretching of nerves in head). This happens all the time (except while
sleeping). Maximum problem while lying down.
2. When sitting idle she feels something is physically revolving inside her head (as if it is gas or something).
3. She also feels as if gas is releasing from her head and from foot also.
4. Feeling of ACANTHOSIS below knees.
5. Cannot sleep in afternoon. She takes sleeping pills in night. She doesn't feel anything while sleeping but problem starts as soon as she wakes up.
6. Feels that gas has stuck somewhere near backbone

Because of all this, she has pain in eyes and whole head. She has developed a big soft spot on her forehead (as if some liquid is filled inside).

I request you to please help my mother. We have been to many renowned doctors in India. We have tried allopathy, ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy, yoga but no results. I have her recent MRI report .

Please help my mom... I would be very grateful to you.

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