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Hi everyone. I know you don't have any answers for me, neither do the doctors. But here I am a day before Christmas, and I cant' enjoy my kids or do anything but worry.

Long story short, Im 45. 4 months ago I developed out of the blue headaches over my eyes. Chalked it up to sinuses and then they decreased. Still felt vague "pressure" sensations. Then about a month ago, after a bad sinus infection, I started to get terrible burning muscle pain in my shoulder and neck area. Then back of the head cramps, accompanied by unrelenting ear and head pressure and then waves of nausea and dizziness, and arrhythmia particularly when I was sleeping. These would wake me with a wave of adrenaline like from my chest to my head. I also developed terrible insomnia, only sleeping 3 full nights out of the week b/c of the symptoms. Not a good recipe for a mom of 3.... They were like attacks. Then chest pain, then kidney pain as if something were squeezing me all over.

Was hospitalized, had every test in the book, MRI, MRA, blood work cant find anything. I do have mitral valve prolapse and in fact had a valve replacement 5 yrs ago.

Frankly, Im terrified b/c I feel like my body functions have been hijacked. I can't sleep, Im nauseaus, I can't eat, I pee all the time, my heart rhythm is WAY off (and I know palps, these are NOT palps), paresthesias, and now everyone is like, get over it its anxiety. The dr's are cautiously considered dyautonomia, but Im so scared b/c what if its multple system atrophy in the beginning stages or something so tragic? I even bought a blood pressure monitor and take it like 50 times a day. I know I sound anxious, and yes, I am but I believe 90% of this is physical. I have had positive ANA's in the past so maybe time to go get retested.

I will add that after the birth of my first child 15 yrs ago I had some similar symptoms but MUCH milder which everyone chalked up to depression. They did resolve after about 4 months. Dr. thinks related. Im terrified its something life altering. Up until one month ago, I was an avid athlete. Now Im reduced to patheticness, crying, worried, and worst of all not feeling well and no one believing me

Help, any words of encouragement??
Thanks for replying. Unfortunately my situation has worsened with no answer! Since that time the neck pain has become unbearable. I also started Twitching! and having muscle cramps. Very scary. Everyone keeps saying thats from the anxiety of the situation. I had an EEG and EMG done- normal. I am completely depressed and I gave in to everyone who said it was just "anxiety" and have been taking lexapro and klonopin every night with no relief. 6 weeks with meds and no releif. And I have developed this bizarre internal trembling when I am waking up and involuntary swallowing when I am in twilight sleep (like something "makes" me swallow). Ive been to three neuros and a psych dr, orthopedist and everyone says anxiety. I did have extensive autoimmume testing and endocrine testing which I get back this week so I will repost if it finds anthying. My husband is ready to divorce me. No one has patience for me and I just cry all the time from being undiagnosed and in pain.

Sorry, I wish I could have posted something more positive!!!! But the arrthymias and dizziness and whooses to the head have stopped.

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