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Welcome, and I am sorry you are feeling so badly with no answers. Some of your symptoms could be explained by thyroid imbalance, such as hyperthyroidism, sleep apnea and lupus. It is possible it could be all 3 as they can be related. I would wonder if your insomnia, "adrenaline" attacks and arrhythmia at night are triggered by sleep apnea, where one stops breathing numerous times during sleep, which causes low oxygen, triggers heart rhythm disturbances and awakens you in a panic feeling. The headaches, muscle and chest pains can occur in lupus, as well as the nausea and bladder overactivity. I would ask your Dr. to check your thyroid hormone levels, including TSH, free T3 and T4, and thyroid antibodies. I would get your ANA checked again, as well as sed rate, CRP (for inflammation) and anti dsDNA and anti-smith antibodies, 2 tests that are specific for lupus. Get a urine check done too to rule out infection and look for any urinary/kidney signs of lupus. Then finally, get a sleep study done, or at least a nighttime pulse oximetry test to check for episodes of low oxygen, suggestive of apnea. All these situations can be treated, which makes a major difference in how you feel. Hormonal changes often precede lupus, which is why the first pregnancy may have triggered this and now perimenopause may be occurring, triggering this. It sounds like your Dr is reasonable and I'll bet he will run these tests for you to figure this out.
I am sorry you are going through this.

I wish I had discovered this site sooner. I see so many people suffering so many of my symptoms, and some the same exact pattern too.

Your story got my many similarities to my own. I just now started to reply to you and realized that I was trying to condense my whole story into some short helpful post, but I couldn't do it. I was rambling a bit, but also I'm not sure I have any answers, it's too soon.

I have had some kind of break through though, I am feeling better the last few days after months of the worst kind of misery. Either I'm onto something or I just got lucky, not sure yet. I am going to work on documenting what I've been through and writing a history and background a little before I post anything.

I think my story might be helpful assuming things keep going they way they are. At least you, and other people, will have more information to go on, even if we are not really suffering from the same thing exactly. I think we all need to share as much info. as possible.

I do believe there really is something going on here that is both common, and strangely undocumented by current medicine - doctors seem to have no idea what is going on with our symptoms. How can there be such a clear connection between a sinus infection and sinus pain on one hand and then anxiety, depression, muscular tension and other neurological issues and doctors not even know about it?
How can so many people have such similar serious symptoms and there not be at least a clear theory as to the cause? Believe me I have tried everything, read everything, and spoken to many doctors there is no consensus among them.

Anyway, I just wanted to say to you, that you are not alone. Also, hang in there, you need to believe that you can and will get better. Take some time for yourself to relax and heal, do whatever you need to do to figure this out and feel better. If you think about it, nothing is more important. Good luck.

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