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Hey guys,

I wanted to throw something out there and see if anyone could relate or had any ideas what type of issue I could be messing with as Dr's and tests can't figure out.

8 Months ago, I had a terrifying health scare that sent me to the ER which turned out that everything was normal. That set off a wave of issues over the next months and to this day. I went for months after this event with a hazed vision, just walking around like if I were 'buzzed' but wasn't. I also had this tingling in both wrists and shins. Over the months I had bouts with near passing out, nightime short of breath, severe malaise, and other smaller forms of problems. I just couldn't shake it whatever it was. I went to dr after dr and had every work up. Ill post the bullet lists at the bottom of this post.

To this day everything has dicsipated mostly except for chronic neck discomfort in the left side and front of my neck. The pain isnt so much where I cant move my head which I can easily with no further pain but more so a hard, achey, sometimes burning of my left sterno and the muscles in front of my throat (above and below my adams apple) will tighten. Gnawing is the word that comes to mind when I try to describe it. Also when all this started I have a chronic popping in the back of my neck when bending forward and when taking a deep breath. Been told it was crevititus? But started when this began

The pain has its episodes from not so bad to just plain miserable. The only thing that has eased it, it taking a 1mg dose of klonoplin. With this paticular symptoms I have had CT scan of neck, MRI of the brain and neck, ultrasound of the thyroid, trigger point injections, nasal endosopy of nasal throat (twice) ,upper GI endoscopy, 15 sessions of physical therapy, two sessions of chiro (felt worse immediately after these appts). For medications I have went through 3 different types of muscle relaxers, 4 different types of anti-flammatories, prednisone, antibiotics, vertigo medicine, 2 pregablins, 1 neurotonin to no avail.

The only thing that seems to help is the horrible benzo which seems to put my body at relaxation.

Every Dr I have seen stated it some type of muscle issue but tests after tests they can figure out why. My MRI showed I had very slight bluged disc at c5-6 but dr states it wouldn't cause this extreme of discomfort since there is no compression.

Pain dr now wants to do facet joint injections at point when he presses on back of my neck would be tender. However there are days they are not tender but I still have this ache, constriction of muscles going on. He said that I need to be in pain the day of to do this tests so I dont know whats going to happen.

To me its seems like a neurological response and my body wont allow that side of my neck to give up only until a substance like klonoplin causes it to calm down. When I saw the nuerologists way back when all this started he thought it sounded viral and was the one that preescribed me prednisone.

I can sometimes feel the tug in the back of my throat it seems like as well.

Posture hasn't changed anything and sleep use to be great all night it was only when I awoke did the symptoms start. No I am waking and when I wake I can feel the ache. This is constant at night.

But again there are days I feel quite comfortable given I probably still have the klonoplin in my system. Ive been marked off as having anxiety so I figure thats not the main cause but I do figure I have some since I can get this issue fixed.

Anyone here figure anything out that sounds remotely in the ball park on whats going on here or other options I can explore or look at that might help with whats going on.

Thanks in advance!


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