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I've tried about 3 other boards and seems like 100's of site but I cannot find anyone with similar symptoms to what I have. On feb 14, I got a huge euphoric feeling in my head, followed by rapid heart rate, tingling in my fingers and toes, and a feeling that I was going to have a mental breakdown. I went to the ER and got blood pressure/blood sugar/EKG test and a physical test and they determined I was fine and gave me Ativan to take. The next day I started feeling pains in my head that would last for 2-5 seconds and then go away, come back in a different spot later. They hit me anywhere from in my brain, in my sinus (although no sinus pain since Monday), different parts of my skull and on the sides of my head. Most of the pains are on the skull (bone). I mentioned to my doc and he switched me to clenasopam and told me to come back in two weeks to see if I need an MRI.

That appt is next Wednesday and as it has been 3 weeks of the pain not getting better or worse I'm almost positive I'll still have it by then. On a side note, in the past my headaches were in my brain and would be a constant pain for a few hours, and would only come ones a month or so. These pains are not nearly as painful and do not last for more than 20 seconds, but they happen at all times of the day (although in he morning I can lay in bed for a half hour and have no pain, then they come shortly after i get up. I've looked at brain tumour symptoms and I don't really have any of them, the pain is light, my cognitive skills are the same, no nausea, dizziness, etc. The only thing I have is chronic anxiety because of the pains and the fact that they could be something serious. So basically, should I try to get an MRI before meeting my family doc next week? I live in Canada so everything is covered.


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