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Hey, I'm male mid 20s in Canada.

For the last two and a half months (since May 15 2014) I've been having unusual neurological problems going on. It started while I was dieting for bodybuilding - lost about 20 lbs in six weeks when things began. I've been losing my mind thinking about and obsessing over my symptoms and I'm absolutely petrified that it's MS.

Things have been progressively spreading and worsening since they began. What started with periodic tingles in my right leg has now progressed to include patches of tingling/weird sensation in all of my limbs, both sides of my face and head, some comes and goes throughout the day/week, much is persistent for weeks at a time, nothing is symmetrical. I've had spells of dizziness, pain behind my eyes, weakness in left hand and right ankle, small tremors in hands/some fingers, small isolated muscle twitches occuring seemingly randomly wherever they please. Many things were improving then I got a bad cold and things have gone absolutely nuts since I got sick 3 weeks ago - this is when it suddenly spread throughout all of my limbs etc. At this point I've had so many symptoms in so many places that it would fill pages and pages to go over and describe all of it so I won't bother.

I've had blood tests which show nothing wrong - I was already taking B12 supplements when I was tested so it appeared very high. I've had doctors tell me it might be MS but I've been waiting months to see a neurologist (in September). It'll be many more months to get an MRI. I do not live in a Lyme endemic region, though I have traveled to South East Asia last fall so I could have picked something up over there. I have not been eating or sleeping normally since this began, I've lost more weight from the stress from all of this.

I'm very scared and I don't know what to do at this point or what tests I should seek. I feel like the sheer amount of symptoms I've experienced in such a short time all over my body speaks against it being MS and more of a nutritional or mental health issue.

Any thoughts?

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