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[QUOTE=haychelle;5313866]Thought I might add that Lab can also cause severe anxiety and panic attacks, too. The brain is perceiving the world differently and as something is wrong, it strikes up the "fight or flight" response. That may have caused your blood pressure spike, too.


That actually makes a lot of sense. Since october 2013 till around may 2014 I've been plagued with middle ear infections and swimmers ear from working in a place where I had to wear helmets and headphones in a very dirty environment.

But would the issues drag along for months like that if left untreated? Or become gradually worse with time? Because I went from being somewhat ok to being dizzy nearly 24/7 in 6 weeks.
Unfortunately Lab is different for everyone, but mine started with extreme dizziness in May and my recovery has been fairly slow. It's possible that the virus just effected you differently and maybe the virus didn't cause damage right away? One the inflammation in your inner ear is present, the brain gets mixed signals from your ears, eyes, and muscles used for balance, which causes the vertigo. Mine started with the dizziness, head pressure and feeling of fullness/pressure in my right ear and now I'm dealing with just the pressure and slight brain fog. I have good and bad days and everyone I've talked to (or read posts from) seems to have ups and downs sporadically. The good news is, everyone recovers from Lab! The brain compensates for the injured ear and the only long lasting "danger" (and fear I have) is that the brain might one day "forget" how it compensated and cause symptoms to return. I've read that that can happen from a bad flu or cold, but if you start doing VRT right away the recovery is much faster than the first time you have it.

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