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Here are my symptoms:


-Balance/gait issues (cerebellar ataxia?)
- full body ‘vibrations’ when lying down
-waves of dizziness
-slight motor problems
-internal/resting tremor
-head pressure/cotton ball feeling
-really bad anxiety
-chest tightness
-involuntarily raising left arm
-brutal headache in temple/back of head when bending over, jumping or changing positions
-chest trembles at times when breathing
-mood swings
-periods of confusion/brain fog
-‘visual snow’ or static when I look at bright objects in FoV
-dark spots in corners of eyes when looking up or left/right
-right eye is lazy
-burning sensation in feet
-restless leg
-facial numbness
-arm/leg weakness
-light sensitivity
-muscle twitching

Tests performed:
-CT scan of brain (normal) - non contrast
-CT scan of spine – normal non contrast
-MRI of brain (sinus polyps/cysts) - non contrast
-EKG (normal)
-Chest X-ray (normal)
-Contrast CT of abdomen w/ barium swallow – unremarkable except for cyst on right kidney 6mm, two 2mm unidentified lesions on left kidney
-3 abd. ultrasounds (normal, save the third one, which reported a 'slight' coarseness on liver - was declared a 'subtle finding')
-5 rounds of bloodwork (high bilirubin once, ferritin usually higher end of normal, IgA was high twice – tested twice negative for Lyme – ANA neg, hepatitis neg)
-2 fibroscans ( 4.9 and 4.1 respectively - little to no fibrosis - normal)

Possible assumptions:
- Hepatitis?
- Lupus or similar autoimmune condition has been suggested
- Gluten ataxia?
- Some form of vascular deficiency
- ALS?
- Multiple Sclerosis?
- Vasovagal reaction?
-metabolic encephalopathy? (hepatic,uremic,viral, etc)
-guillian barre?
-myasthenia gravis?

Docs are stumped and I am flat out disabled.

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