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Something strange is happening during sleep in the past few months. I start by face up for sometime and then on to my right. Few minutes into my sleep before I am completely asleep, I feel some heavy feeling in my head. Someone on top of me strangling. I want to shout but not able to. Though I am lying intact, I feel my legs are lifting up, I am being thrown on to the side etc. At this time I am somewhat conscious and I make it a point to verify that I am lying still, that what I feel is not happening physically. After sometime it goes off, I turn to my right and try to sleep. When this happens, sleep is fairly late to set in and not that good. I wake up normally and feel slightly lethargic and mild pain in my right hand specifically and whole body in general. This doesn't happen everyday. Yesterday I had a bout and two three weeks before. At around noon body and hand pain is getting better but I have a feeble pain behind right eye stretching up to right ear. Earlier I had some neurological symptoms like eye twitching, right side weekness, eye floaters, etc. I have taken three MRI's over the past 5 years all of which are normal. In the latest blood work, I have vitamin D and B12 deficiency for which I had taken tablets for one month. Have anyone here experienced similar symptoms? Where to go from here on?

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