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Arachnoid Cyst
Jul 25, 2010
... My MRI for distorted vision in 2001 showed an arachnoid cyst behind my right eye. They said that I was born with it and that it wasn't the culprit to my vision. ... (3 replies)
Arachnoid Cyst
Feb 27, 2004
... CMOMSON is correct. An Arachnoid tumor is congenital (present at birth) and is usually never even discovered unless an MRI is done. It is cyst filled with fluid and causes no problems unless it leaks, in which case you would have different symptoms. (4 replies)
... dpa had just passed away with a brain tumor. Since I had had migraines most of my life I felt like there was 'something ' wrong with me too. And of course, brain tumor was the thought I had. I had just had my second child and to be quite honest...I was a complete wreck. ... (5 replies)

Arachnoid Cyst
Feb 26, 2004
... cinderella, i have an arachnoid cyst that was discovered when i had an mri to try to determine why i was having a bad headache. my head ached for 27 days and never let up. ... (4 replies)
... t know what to do about the arachnoid cyst, and if it can be dealt with at the same time. ... (0 replies)
Arachnoid cyst
Aug 8, 2007
... hello my husband was diagnosed with a dermoid tumor which is a mass with hair,teeth,nails in it it is also in his posterior fossa it is the size of a half dollar the neuro doc says it is very rare to be there less then 1% have been documented i need a specialist who specializes in that part of the brain any suggestions. (9 replies)
Arachnoid cyst
Jun 25, 2007
... No need, I will just assume by your answer:cool: . Although I do agree that nuerosurgery is not something to just jump head first into (:blob_fire no pun intended:blob_fire ) But I do believe there is a relationship between a mass (any size) in the brain/head and headches/migraines. I think docs are missing something very important, because they are so headstrong about... (9 replies)
... what caused the seizure and then finding the cyst was the worst day of my life. My biggest fear had come true and the first ER docs had me thinking my son had a tumor and was going to need surgery THAT day. ... (5 replies)
... worse and it feels like my head will explode. well anyway, in trying to find reason for headache, i had mri which showed that i have a non functioning pituitary tumor AND an arachnoid cyst. ... (5 replies)
CT scan vs. MRI
Oct 12, 2003
... AND an arachnoid cyst about the size of a quarter. ... (17 replies)
... I am wondering the same thing - I to have a 1.4 cm pineal cyst and alot of symptoms - after careful research, I have come to the conclusion that many people with the Pineal Cyst have the same symptoms I have - I too was going to a neurologist who blew me off as saying my symptoms are not due to my cyst/tumor - but after reading that all neurologists say the same thing - you... (41 replies)
... I also have a small pineal cyst which was discovered during my MRIs for my pituitary tumor. I also have choroid plexus cysts (bilateral). I also read every radiology report and mine also states bimaxilary mucosal disease (sinus infection). I experience severe headaches, nausea, and pain behind my eyes now. Apparently the nausea is not common with a non-functioning... (41 replies)
Arachnoid Cyst
Sep 23, 2003
... in the hopes that he will SEE the tumor and cyst and advise. will let you know what happens. ... (3 replies)
Cyst in brain
Jun 17, 2006
... I do not worry about it. Mine is an arachnoid cyst. It's approx 8 cm large. So yes it is very large. ... (4 replies)
... I had come across that type of cyst arachnoid I think its spelled when searching for answers when my boyfriend was told he had a cyst. His turned out to be an epidermoid tumor on the left side of brain stem. ... (1 replies)
... Is your "cyst" in the temporal lobe? I had a "cyst" there which the drs shrugged off, which did not show up on CT. I did research and most cysts (eg arachnoid, fluid filled-cysts) do show up on CT and MRI. Turned out to be a benign tumor. Many such tumors are not visible on CT. You need to do some serious research, and take your scans to a neurosurgeon, and study them... (5 replies)
... kristix, please dont be alarmed. i too have an arachnoid cyst but was told that its been there since birth. ... (1 replies)

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