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... has been happening since i was a child. sometimes it can happen twice in a day other times its once a year. The pain is very intense but only lasts 30sec to a minute.... ... (0 replies)
... Wow,, I just had to call my husband in here to read this because I felt like you just completely described me. My head burns and it was numb last night. I do have that rug burn feeling sometimes. My skin is flushed alot. I thought I was about to go crazy. ... (14 replies)
... I have chiari malformation and get the burning pain as well. The back of the head and face burning your describing, as well as the unbarable fatigue, I am very familiar with. I now get all that burning in my whole body as my symptoms progressed. ... (14 replies)

... Since three years back i am having severe burning in my head which comes and go.There is also pressure in head. Burning in head is just like having a stomach or heartburn, seems like scalp is burning, i get disoriented, pressure in head increases and feels like i will faint. ... (0 replies)
... eddieduder As you can see in my post what ended up being wrong with me Chiari 1 Malformation that is causing Intracranial Hypertension. I have tons of symptoms. Constant symptoms are head pressure pulsating tinnitus numbness of some fingers feel like I am wearing a hat on my head headache at base of head (varying degree of pain) (8 replies)
... as when I put my head on a pillow or when I brush or wash my hair. At other times I am found holding my scalp in both hands because the pain is so overwhelming. ... (0 replies)
... years I have experineced a burning pain in my head. It sometimes feel as if my head is on fire. When this burning occurs I can't seem to focus and I get irritable and angry easily. ... (0 replies)
... Were you put on the topamax before or after the burning started? ... (14 replies)
... Please help body feels tight itchy burning numb vision gets blurry sounds distorted hard to breath difficulty chewing and swallowing docs say anxiety but there has to something more any body have these symptoms. (2 replies)
... Have numbness in my head years ringing presure in head burning pain and numness head to toe feet feel like the bones are crushing when walking hands burn then feel wet then turn cold like feet, wholebody feels heavy. ... (2 replies)
... I don't describe this "radiating from neck to head" as a headache. It's a feeling of pressure. It all started with pressure in my head, during a period of extreme stress and panic attacks. As time passed, the pressure started moving around, it goes into my neck (usually top left side--there's a knot there) and I also feel things pressing/pulling in my digestive system. ... (39 replies)
... Were you put on the topamax before or after the burning started? ... (14 replies)
... x I couldn't even get out of bed. It did take about a month and a half for the medicine to start working though. I am still sick however because I have alot of burning pain and some pressure with weakness and dizziness. I figure some relief is better than none. ... (14 replies)
... I've been experiencing burning pain and sudden throbbing paing. ... (0 replies)
... n down even throat burning stinging muscle twitching skin feels like sand paper , can't feel where yor feet are or hands, docs say you can't have body wide nerve pain they just call it anxiety . ... (2 replies)
... and he said yes. But, the headaches seem to go up from the neck to the side and top of my head. Often times it feels like someone is pulling my hair on top or a burning pain. Does this sound familiar? ... (39 replies)
... Head numbness difficulty chewing and swallowing hard to control hand and foot movements burning pain throughout whole body loss of balance sounds are altered and iratating. ... (0 replies)
... Did you ever visit the ? Many of the symptoms you describe also fall into that category. Like MS, there are about six different types of CMT and also Heriditary Pressure Palsies. Do any other members of your family suffer from any similar problems like yours? CMT usually affects the four extremities and there is weakness at the foot and ankle and with dorsiflection of the... (6 replies)
Chiari ...
Oct 21, 2008
... iari, there is low pressure headaches as well as high pressure. For me, its more like a pressure in my head. Feels like a vice is around my head, sqeezing. I get pain in my whole head. When I'm having a good day, the top of my head is like a pinching, burning pain. ... (97 replies)
... I've had burning in the back of my head for quite some time which, I am quite sure, is related to the awful headache I had days after experiencing it. ... (8 replies)

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