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... I have Cerebellar Atrophy. I was as baffled as you when I first got it. I have beeen under a Neurolgist's care for several years now and most of my questions have been answered. ... (1 replies)
... I've spent a ton of time researching, but I don't yet have bloodwork values to work with. Me, I'm thinking MS is a big possibility, and also cerebellar ataxia. ... (3 replies)
... pinal disorders, but have serious questions pertaining to my brain MRI which was done in conjuction with lumbar and cervical studies. I have all kinds of spinal problems and going for back surgery on October 20th. ... (1 replies)

... (12 replies)
... Hi,I am new to the board,at least posting.I need a little insight from someone...anyone that may be able to help.My husband has been having problems for quite a while finally,,,after much work on my part...went for an MRI. ... (12 replies)
... Hi Scout, We're going back to doctors surgery in a few days time, so I'll be sure to find out then, what the blood tests were for that were carried out and the results, along with getting a copy of his MRI report. I'll post the results once I have them, but you've been most helpful in the meantime. (11 replies)
... The gastro a good idea and not just because of the diarrhea and weight loss sx.The other neuro sx could be coming from stomach problems also.So I was thinking maybe you need to bring up a possibility of a B12 deficiency problem.Most of the sx you have could be coming from that. ... (11 replies)
... i am only asking as i had the most horrid gait and vision problems with some of the anti siezure meds that you are Rxed for neuropathic pain.the absolute worst was lyrica. ... (3 replies)
... just an FYI here.your symptoms don't seem to really indicate any sort of actual cerebellar involvement at this point governs vision and gait among other things. ... (7 replies)
... i know is normally there when there is a problem within the cerebellar part of the brain.itas called ataxia.but since your case appears to be "mild' things may not have actually progressed to that point. ... (12 replies)
Mystery illness
Jun 8, 2010
... my SNS damage has created a ton of problems in me that are just insane at time at how they have impacted my body along with the other spinal cord damage i suffered too? ... (1 replies)
Brain mri results
Oct 10, 2009
... but i don't know if they have really defined it from the way it is worded. the thing here is,balance rally has to do wioth two places the most, the cerebellum or cerebellar tract within the spinal cord,or the equalibrium within the ears? ... (7 replies)
... and recently. Recent report indicates mild cerebellar atrophy due to prominant cerebellar folia. One of my elder brother and sisters have similar imbalance problems. I am worried lot and dizziness increases due to anxeity. ... (0 replies)
... it would or could possibley be one of the cerebellar arteries only because that cerebellum has alot to do with actually governing our balance, among other things. ... (6 replies)
... related.....but that's when health problems seem to arise for a lot of women.Our body chemistry is upset by the fluctuation of hormones.Many women get the same sx... ... (45 replies)
... I. Believe it or not, but you actually have "tonsils" in your brain. These tonsils will give an indication of the Chiari Malformation and they are referred to as cerebellar tonsils. ... (2 replies)
Mrv or mra??
Jul 30, 2010
... most people handle contrat just fine with no problems at all but i would make sure to simply drink alot of water the rest of that day and the day after to t get it out as quickly as possible? ... (15 replies)
... my cerebellar tract was also damaged during my surgery and it has a very direct connection to the cerebellum within the brain? ... (7 replies)
Chiari symptoms
Jul 23, 2008
... The only other surgery I had was a csf leak repair. I don't have tethered cord per one of my many MRIs. My problem now is I have cerebellar slumping. The dr who did my surgery did it too aggressively from what I gather and now my cerebellum has slumped down into the hole. ... (83 replies)
... this alone caused me some major problems and my NS was just shocked to find out that his trusty nurse had actually told me to do something that caused some major problems for me and my healing of a fusion. ... (6 replies)

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