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Drooping eye
Feb 2, 2009
... why do i have a drooping eye (0 replies)
... have had some alarming symptoms of my eyes and muscles recently. In April 2013 I noticed that when I am tired at the end of the day I would get double vision and drooping of my eyelids. Eyelid drooping was not permanent and when I closed my eyes for a few seconds and opened them again, it would go away. ... (0 replies)
... I woke up this morning and noticed my right eye lid was drooping a little. I've been really tired lately and not sleeping well. Why is my right eye drooping? ... (1 replies)

... o neurologist. I am extremly afraid of Dr's, I avoid them and tests. He put me on Fioricet, and it did absolutly nothing for me at all. I then noticed my right eye is drooping, and my focus and vision seems to be off. My headache is on top of my head and on the leftside. ... (10 replies)
... What type of eye doctor did you see? ... (4 replies)
... it feels like it will explode. My face on the right side feels numb. It feels like it goes to sleep or has severe weakness. With rest the feeling comes back. My eye twitches a lot and eventually closes and I have to struggle to open it. If, I can get it to open. Sometimes I find it hard to focus. ... (3 replies)
... would still have a stroke or TIA as the other arteries are still open. It is possible that the aneurysm may have caused pressure on the nerve that goes up to the eye muscles when you coughed and caused an increase in intracranial pressure. ... (10 replies)
... The headaches are still there, eye looks better, just getting twitching. I think it might all be a sinus problem, or my lupus, I am going to try and get someone to take me. ... (10 replies)
... d just dont feel right. I live alone right now, but if I had someone to take me to the er I would have last night. I also feel very off balanced. and my right eye lid is still droopy, not closed just droopy. ... (10 replies)
... Hi, I'm new to this site but when I saw your title line I had to throw in my 2 sense. In 1998 I woke in the morning, coughed and my eye closed. i thought that maybe I broke a blood vessel or something. I went to my family physician and was sent straight to the hospital. ... (10 replies)
... Another possibility to account for the drooping eye is an upper lobe lung tumor. That is what my father had as his 1st sympton, then he lost his voice and developed shoulder pain. His nose didn't "cave in". ... (6 replies)
... After reading your most recent post it sounds even more to me like TMJ. You certainly would not notice yourself clenching and grinding at night because you are asleep. The fact that your teeth are losing enamel and shortening should be proof that this is in fact taking place. Another would be if you feel very 'stuffed' and achy in the morning (due to the fact you've been... (71 replies)
Mystery illness
Jun 8, 2010
... so your eye IS reactive to light now and NOT even constricted anymore? ... (1 replies)
... Is there eye pain? ... (3 replies)
Strange symptoms?
Sep 15, 2017
... About a month ago my started having twitches on my face, mostly eye and lip. That subsided and I started having a feeling like chills on my head, on one side or another. ... (5 replies)
... You need to see a Doctor straight away to rule out the possibility that you have had a small stroke. Most likely just a nerve issue but it does need to be checked. All the best. (1 replies)
Jul 23, 2008
... d of into my cheek and along the outer corner of my left eye. Also, the left corner of my mouth and the left side of my tongue sometimes feel numb. There is no drooping or anything like that. I do not have these symptoms all the time. I can sometimes go weeks without them. ... (1 replies)
... you can always call 911 if you feel the need to,thats what they are there for.if anything and i mean anything else strange or just plain odd happens,please call 911.i really am very concerned about you right now.your symptoms just do not sound good to me at all.i hope you made it to that appt today and your doc sent you right away for at least a CT if nothing else.if there is... (10 replies)
... most metal that is placed into our bodies during procedures(the newer ones anyway) is 'usually' in most cases,MRI compatable.i have platnum in my brain,titainium in my neck and still have son also has a couple surgical clips along side his liver when he had a liver transplant back in 2000.when he suffered a tramatic brain injury and really needed to have an MRI,they... (10 replies)
... My eyes will droop with migraines. The side that I have the pain in is the one that will droop. One of my husband's eyes will droop when he is tired & he doesn't have headaches. Sorry I can't be of more help. (10 replies)

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