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... twitch that make the eyes themselves go back and forth very rapidly, for about a split second. Never had this before, and it's kinda scary since i've always had great eye site. ... (11 replies)
What is jumpy eyes
Nov 16, 2007
... what is jumpy eyes (0 replies)
... Hi Joe, Yes, I suffer from pressure migraine headaches (supposedly complicated) that feel more like stroke. Some people can be born with what you call "jumpy eyes" that's the congenital type the other is aquired...meaning that something else probably had an input into the reason, why. I have a demyelinating disease that causes a bunch of problems coupled with... (11 replies)

... I am new here. This is my first post. The jumpy eyes, either horizontal or vertical are called nystagmus. They can come from either a problem with the signal from the brain or ear. ... (11 replies)
... bout a year. Then, one day, I just got really sick....kinda like the flu that never went away. The dizziness and vertigo set in to stay, for good. That's when my eyes became bouncy. If I am not mistaken, I think the eye is trying to correct the problem, but overshoots the alignment....hence, bouncy eyes. ... (11 replies)
... Hey I have the same thing plus other problems as well. I have body twitches alot especially after I walk alot or stretch. It's really wierd-- it first started in my legs but now it is in my back, arms, stomach,- well everywhere. I also noticed lately my eyes kinda move fast-- it is hard to explain but it sounded like the way you described. I notice it happen more when I am... (11 replies)
... sweetsori, could you check with an alternative doctor of some sort--not a quack but an M.D. who also deals with alternative medicine--it sounds like you may need someone who goes beyond a traditional approach. Just a thought. Of course don't take any weird supplements anyone gives you without thorough investigation--but checking your symptoms out with a good osteopath or... (27 replies)
... sweetsori, are you on any meds, pills of ANY sort? maxie (27 replies)
... Eyes are horrible, i am so sensitive to bright light, always see afterimages, jumpy eyes."... ... (27 replies)
... Eyes are horrible, i am so sensitive to bright light, always see afterimages, jumpy eyes. ... (27 replies)
... Hi Sunburst, Wow, I've never heard of this before. Did you have any other symptoms? Headaches maybe? What were your symptoms when it first came on? Thanks, Ryan (11 replies)
... What exactly did you mean by this, R0ss ? (11 replies)
... Hi,yes I too have probelms with twitches, and believe me I have read just about every possible cause/solution there is , in the past few weeks. Of course there can be serious reasons behind it, but very simple ones too. I was kind of unclear about anxiety also. I think your body can react in a defensive way even though you don't necessarily feel anxoius or panicked.I read alot... (11 replies)
... some1 has given you the evil eye (or negative energy) joke! (11 replies)
... Hi, All. (33 yo female) I have the muscle ticks, tremors, and the like, including the eye twitches. Of course, you know, it's nerves. Well, I had these symptoms for about a year before I was diagnosed with Graves Disease (over active thyroid). I have since undergone Radioactive Iodine Treatment which "killed" my thyroid. Now I take Synthroid to get the hormones my... (11 replies)
... Hi joe, i know what you're talking about. i've had those "eye jumps" since I was little. I'm 21 now. I also have twitches all over my body including my face, which makes it really embarassing to even to talk to people, and symptoms similar to jsides's. I wish you the best of luck and if you find out anything please let us know. (11 replies)
... Whats up,(21 male)I have body twithces alot. Mine only come at night time when I am laying in bed. Sometimes one of my legs will twitch real hard and sometimes one whole side of my body will twitch. About 3 or 4 weeks ago my eye started to twitch. I went and saw my eye doctor and he gave me some alovate cream and the twithcing has mostly disappeared. I dont know what causes... (11 replies)
... l like all my friends, my walking imbalance sensation has improved, but i still get unstable feelings when im laying down or when i move my head to much, and the jumpy eyes things is just too annoyhing, ic ant focus on anything wihthout my vision wobblering. ... (27 replies)
... Hi SweetSori. Hi I agree completely with emysbobs! Crazy that you have been told that the water bed off balance sensation swhen you walk are not vertigo! that is rubbish. Although vertigo is clasically thought of as the fast spinning type sensation, the very mildest form is often just as you described. That the ground as you walk on it is shifting a little or not... (27 replies)
... I recently also noticed this jumpy vision, it seems it's happening when I am looking at something that are colorful, like persian carpet or colorful window shade. ... (7 replies)

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