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... Just recently I have been experiencing muscle twitches. It first started in my legs but has moved progressively to all parts of my body. I also have extreme muscle pain accompanied with rippling of my muscles when I use them. Now I feel like whatever is happening to me is also affecting my nervous system. ... (5 replies)
... muscle jerks. I have to say that I'm experiencing way more than a dozen muscle twitches a day. I have been paying more attention to them and have to say I experience hundreds a day. Sometimes when I am really busy it's hard to notice them at all. ... (7 replies)
... hi missy & everyone I too had almost constant muscle twitching and muscle pain/cramping for 2 years.I am post-menopausal now and my twitching/muscle pain/muscle fatigue has gone....finally.The only thing that seemed to make sense to me was y ferritin was at the low end range(11)then it went up to about 70,but I still had sx.....After my sx resolved my ferritin was at 92.... (5 replies)

... small body twitches, like a little muscle jolt, that occurs in either foot, leg, arms, hands, or neck. ... (11 replies)
... Hey, I get the same thing, but mine I think is from stopping my psychiatric med cold turkey and then not sleeping for three weeks straight. I get muscle twitches when i lay down only. I also get weird tingiling sensations that start at my head and travel to my toes. I dont know what this is eathier. ... (4 replies)
... I finally got in with the neurologist and she is beginning to run tests on me. The first one was a blood test to look for elevated muscle enzymes. I still haven't heard back about that. Then there is some muscle testing she wants to run. ... (0 replies)
... bout 3 months ago I started noticing a twitching in my right thumb. It would twitch, hold for about half a second, then release. Since then I have been getting twitches in more places on my body, more frequently in the past couple of weeks. This included arms, hands, backs, calves. ... (0 replies)
... y bones causing osteroporosis. I haven't talked to my dr yet nor have I had the parathyroid tested yet, but to think this might be the cause of the cramping and twitches is so exciting. Hope that helps ya some in an area to check out. ... (5 replies)
Nervous twitches
Aug 31, 2005
... Hey guys... im a realitively healthy 22 year old and I experience the same muscle twitches. The technical term is "Myoclonic JerK". They have been going on for a year, and I have not seen a specialist yet. ... (17 replies)
... Hey just read your post! I have muscle spasms in my legs and muscle twitches all over my body. My legs get stiff and weak, I fall alot which sucks! ... (6 replies)
... Hi all. I have constant muscle twitching in my feet. My dr just gave me some quinine 325 mg capsules. Does anyone know if this helps for muscle twitches? ... (0 replies)
... Hi I have been having a tingling sensation in the left side of my head for soem time now and it seems to come on and off without warning. On top of that My left leg started tingling a few days ago and now the tingling is worse ans sometimes painful. The Pain seems not existant when I wake up in the morning but gets progressively worse as I move around during the day. ... (4 replies)
... Update: Went to emergency room on 1/6, got a CT Scan, came out normal. Doc prescribed some antibiotics for possible middle ear infection. Going in to neurologist on Wednesday, will hopefully schedule an MRI soon. I'm really worried. Pressure has let up a little since saturday, and i'm a lot less dizzy, but I have also started hearing (or think i hear) strange... (13 replies)
... mentioned this to the doc. I did not think they were muscle twitches at first, I thought it was a clog passing in an artery or vein. ... (0 replies)
... lid. Now subsiding. As well as powerfull muscle twitches throughout my entire body also subsiding but still get them. ... (2 replies)
... I also have muscle twitches, the front muscle in my left thigh, an abdominal muscle and my right eyelid...they go pretty nuts sometimes...Sam doesn't have those ones.. ... (3 replies)
... making twitches and tingles and weakness and headaches etc etc....i haven't had my MRI yet and kinda don't want to as i am convinced there will be MASSES of lesions... ... (11 replies)
... y head. It was kind of like when someone sneaks up on you in the dark and scares the daylights out of you.The chill lasted about 3 days of and on. After this the muscle twitches started. ... (2 replies)
... About a month ago, I tripped over my dog and broke my fall with my left hand and knee. The part of the palm just below the thumb was sore after the fall. Since then, I've developed a twitch/muscle spasm in my index finger and thumb. I also have generalized twitches. I'm suffer from GAD and am thinking/hoping this thing going on with the index finger and thumb is from is... (0 replies)
... Dear Amy and Sam, hi! You are not alone. I have been leaving posts all over the boards here trying to get some response. I have muscle twitches too. I have been keeping track of them. I have had them on and off since last Nov. so it has been at least 5 months. I keep having tests run. ... (3 replies)

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