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... essentially your brain is distracted by your symptoms. ... (10 replies)
... but I did have the day time odd sensation a few times but it didn't show anything on the EEG. I had an MRI done of my brain before I left today but won't have the results from that for a while. Sorry I can't be of any help. I am afraid I don't know anymore than when I went in. ... (7 replies)
... f brain was okay and the one of my neck showed my spinal canal is narrowed from arthritis and a protruding disc, but doctors say that this is not a factor in the odd sensation I feel. ... (7 replies)

... What you described is very much like I what experience except mine does not hurt at all. I do get confused after too many or have word finding difficulties. I was told it was complex partial seizures but when I have had EEGs (a 24-hour and a 5 day video EEG) nothing showed up. I had MRIs to check blood vessels, still nothing showed. I have seen many neuros and all have... (7 replies)
... Do you have any similar odd sensations when you are awake? ... (7 replies)
... I have, for quite a long time now, felt a tingling sensations on my tounge and a feeling of pushing on my temples as well as an odd feeling in my left thumb, the hand I write with. I have put off seeing the doctors about it because the symptoms seems silly. I'm only 22 years old. ... (2 replies)
... he time, they also prescribed atenolol for my fast beating heart. After a month or so of taking that, they took me off the atenolol because it was giving me bad sensations of my heart rate suddenly increasing and me getting incredibly hot and sweaty. ... (4 replies)
... This doctor came highly recomended by an aquantance who he said "saved his life and vision" As for the odd sensations not going to kill me, maybe I should have got that in writing or perhaps he could speak at my eulogy? ... (7 replies)
... e til either they have a bit of an oozy type bleed that may trigger the type of response that you had,or they go totally unnoticed except for feeling some little odd sensations or having headaches or something along those lines. ... (6 replies)
... i have an odd question. i have just recently started useing a lap top. ... (1 replies)
... Dear gjoy, I'm so glad you're willing to fight this thing with me. Two minds are better than one. Well I just submitted the application for Independence Blue Cross insurance, it would cost at least $100 per month if I can get it, but I have been denied by another company before so I don't have high hopes. There is a $269 plan where you cannot be denied, but that's a... (65 replies)
... aches as a child. I have a question about your hallucinations. When you "see" these things do they turn out to be real objects just preceived differently by your brain at first? ... (10 replies)
... Some of these symptoms are similar to MS symptoms. Maybe it would be worth your while to post your query on that board. I've only had it a few years & its not severe so I wouldnt know all symptoms etc but some of the members there might be able to help you out or recommend another board for you. Take care - I do remember how frustrating it is when you dont know whats... (7 replies)
... pain sensations in left leg. ... (7 replies)
... Also had audio hallucinations where I hear people calling my name or other things when they don't. I'm also experiencing constipation, very excessive urination. Odd cravings, loss of sex drive. ... (0 replies)
What is this?
Aug 29, 2004
... I have also started having some wierd sensations in my legs, feels like they are weak. I feel that mainly in the morning. ... (1 replies)

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