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... It was at this time I noticed a slightly odd sensation in my left leg and a slightly odd sensation in my right pinky. ... (3 replies)
... then he was fine for about 5 minutes except for the headache and nausea. ... (2 replies)
... you can always call 911 if you feel the need to,thats what they are there for.if anything and i mean anything else strange or just plain odd happens,please call 911.i really am very concerned about you right now.your symptoms just do not sound good to me at all. ... (10 replies)

... i know from time to time,and i haven't a clue as to just why,but i too will feel odd pulsations at some odd spots.for some reason,the blood flow must temporarily increase and you feel that extra force by the pulsating artery. ... (2 replies)
... leaky fluid was a "blood patch," I had forgotten that name, it was supposed to immediately stop my headache. But, the pain I described above took place and the headache continued even after the procedure. ... (5 replies)
... I have been experiencing some odd symptoms for about 3.5 months now. ... (1 replies)
... All well until early November. That weird breathing thing I had last year, that started again and lasted a good three weeks before it just stopped. I did notice odd pressure changes in my sinus cavity, which scared me, I was thinking....oh no, here we go again, but nothing developed. ... (0 replies)
... eld, but at the time I was a teenager, and just thought it sounded cool, your brain kinda leaking down your neck...anyhow. I kinda started wondering if all these odd symptoms I've been having weren't connected somehow. ... (2 replies)
... recently over the last 3 months, i've had odd occations where my nose will just run. its a clear liquid and normally it happens just randomly. ... (3 replies)
... ry journey. That day right at midnight when it turned the 20th, I started crying to the point where I couldn't calm down and started hyperventilating, which is odd cause I don't cry normally. When my mom was able to get me calm It felt like something snapped in my head and everything when silent. ... (3 replies)
Closure needed
Nov 19, 2009
... viewed thru a microscope and i dont mean seeing stars. i get really bad headaches daily on the right back of my head and the front of my head above my eyes. the headache on the back right sometimes travels to my left eye area. ... (4 replies)
... Hi I have most of your symptoms also, and I have been diagnosed with TMJ. Have a look at the TMJ board on here and see if you can relate to any of there symptoms. BUT to put your mind at rest, go to ER where they can give you a good check over and if everything is fine it is worth awhile looking on the TMJ board. Also do you find wether you clench or grind your teeth,... (2 replies)
Brain scan.
Apr 16, 2013
... cheek, left sided headache, left side eye felt odd and watery, right arm and leg feel weaker than my left. He sent me for one and rang to say there were 3 shadows on it. ... (0 replies)
... k, so I went to the ER again, thinking perhaps it was some kind of virus that was affecting my central nervous system. They told me they thought it was a tension headache and they really didn't feel I needed a CT scan. ... (6 replies)
Borderline chiari
Apr 24, 2009
... hi nadine, yes i get banging headache if i cry,also singing on the singstar with kids leave me in agony!! coughing also. ... (16 replies)
Borderline chiari
Apr 23, 2009
... s, its not just a little pain, it messes everything in your body up, i feel like im going nuts, and cant think straight, most of the time, and then if i have the odd good day, i start thinking well mabey its not that bad, mabey its just me, mabey im crazy, .... do you ever feel like your on drugs? ... (16 replies)
... Hi Christine. I have a similar spot although mine feels like a vein. I have abnormal spinal fluid in the pattern of ms but no leisons have ever shown up so no diagnoses. Let me know if you find out what the sore spot is about?? Thanks,Cynde (15 replies)
... Now I dont have any pain there and I havent had a headache in a long time. Im a pretty healthy guy, Im 26, I watch what I eat, and I drink plenty of fluids. ... (1 replies)
... I have exactly the same symtom, although this is the first time I have ever had it. The spot, almost right on top of my head is extremely tender to touch and hurts whenever I touch my hair. I have had it for about 4 days now, with no signs of it getting any better. I can't really find too much on the net to give me a clue as to what it is. I am considering a visit to the... (15 replies)
... pond and commented about it. The person i was talking to was confused and pointed out i was a driveway. i have also have been getting mild headaches which is odd for me. The strangest of all is that out of the blue i realized i was in a very weird but subtle head space. It almost felt like there was space in my head. ... (13 replies)

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