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... It was at this time I noticed a slightly odd sensation in my left leg and a slightly odd sensation in my right pinky. ... (3 replies)
... dull Pain on left side of face, hard to talk, eye feels like it's hard to open and close. Pain relieved when applying pressure. ... (0 replies)
... New to the boards so sorry if I'm repeating a question. I couldn't find a question quite like mine. I've had a burning sensation on and off in my right temple for the last few months. It comes and goes a couple times a day and lasts for a few seconds. ... (4 replies)

... odd sensation in my right pinky and left leg. ... (3 replies)
... ve had headaches before but this is different and a bit alarming. Since Tuesday I have experienced these occasional "pinching" episodes where there is a slight sensation that happens quickly then goes away for a while...then may happen again 5 minutes later..then goes away for 30..then happens again.. ... (0 replies)
... ounding area, and my hip to my leg. Down to my body, my left arm is numb on my forearm and on my ring and pinky fingers. The bulk of the numbness is on the left side of my neck, sternocleidomastoid muscle is very stiff and numb. I do exercises for my neck ever since this has been happening. ... (4 replies)
Weird numbness
Jan 13, 2008
... If I put my hands around my waist at that area, the sensation of the band disappears. This isn't painful, until I walk anywhere. ... (1 replies)
... I understand some of your frustration, but you are correct-your options seem to be much more limited. I have some questions for you. I believe you said that your sense of touch was different. Do you mean that certain areas of your skin are numb and tingling. Also do you feel pressure sensations and or tingling inside your head-on any part of your back or neck? I also... (10 replies)
... ry journey. That day right at midnight when it turned the 20th, I started crying to the point where I couldn't calm down and started hyperventilating, which is odd cause I don't cry normally. When my mom was able to get me calm It felt like something snapped in my head and everything when silent. ... (3 replies)
... t while I was reading last night, I noticed some longer strands of my hair had fallen towards my face and they were quivering at a fast rate. It seemed a little odd to me, but perhaps some movement is normal...but this seemed more than just a little movement. ... (0 replies)
... you, thank you, thank you for your reply. I think you may have just help solve a 2 year mystery. I joined this community to look for help with a burning brain sensation on my right side, headaches, numbness in my fingers and toes on the right side and memory loss. ... (5 replies)
... ee weeks.I was assuming most of these are probably anxiety problems or occured with a severe flu and virus that I had.Most of them have cleared up.The electrical sensation on my right side happens about everyday..doesn't hurt just odd sensation..The other symptoms other than hearing my pulse happens occassionally. ... (5 replies)
... Hi I have most of your symptoms also, and I have been diagnosed with TMJ. Have a look at the TMJ board on here and see if you can relate to any of there symptoms. BUT to put your mind at rest, go to ER where they can give you a good check over and if everything is fine it is worth awhile looking on the TMJ board. Also do you find wether you clench or grind your teeth,... (2 replies)
... dull Pain on left side of face, hard to talk, eye feels like it's hard to open and close. Pain relieved when applying pressure. ... (2 replies)
... for constipation. I don't think there's any reason to think antacids would help the "pulsing" sensation down there, I don't often get heartburn anyway... ... (41 replies)
... Hi Bill I would suggest you take also folic acid with the B12 and a good multi vitamin as this will also give you some B6 which is also a cofactor with B12 Fish oils and some probiotics might be good to to help restore healthy gut balance..... What bethsheba has posted below is true as those things can upset the healthy gut balance especially on a gut that is already... (41 replies)
... shoulder I developed allodynia in most of my right upper side. Gentle touch such as bedclothes, clothing, light touch of someone's hand are all excruciating. ... (1 replies)
Possible M.S.?
Feb 26, 2009
... lth related issues over the last four or five months. Back in October, I started to have a dull pain in my left calf. A few weeks after that I began to have this odd sort of mild tingling in my left leg, foot, and thumb. Thinking I'd pulled a muscle, I went to the student health center at my university. ... (1 replies)
... both sides of the back of my neck and the left side of my scalp and forehead and both sides of my nose and under both eyes and above my top lip. ... (1 replies)
... ical disease, but she really has no idea. I'm hoping that maybe someone, in their experience, might have read something else like this and could point us in the right direction. ... (5 replies)

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