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Cyst in brain
Jun 15, 2006
... I have to say, without a thorough explanation of his reasoning, I would find it very strange for a neurologist, or any dr, to tell you that a cyst on your brain is "nothing to worry about. ... (4 replies)
... and Multiple Sclerosis. Ok that's 3 words. ... (4 replies)
... Now they say I have this cyst thats not causing any of my problems. Do you have any advise? ... (41 replies)

... Thank you very much i know it sucks we have to wait my son had another dr appt yesterday and the dr since the test to wurzburg ( a bigger armyy post here in germany) he said i should know something by christmas one dr said she thought that they were periventricular lesions or on the outside of the brain and not in the brain but the military dr is sending them off i dont know... (4 replies)
Arachnoid Cyst
Jan 25, 2010
... So in December 2009 I had a CT Scan and the doctor said they found an arachnoid cyst in the left anterior temporal region. The doctor said its small and its not life threating and nothing to be worried about. ... (0 replies)
... I just found this forum today and was so pleased to find it. I thought I'd introduce myself. I was diagnosed with having a pineal cyst in October '03 after having a 3 year battle with blinding headaches, facial pain and jaw pain. ... (41 replies)
... it's ok to be an informed patient. ... (2 replies)
... When they first found my cyst in 1988, throught a CT scan they then sent me to Emory for an MRI...I don't go every year ...No...I have had probably 5 MRI's in the last 17 years. With 3 Ct's. ... (5 replies)
... m sorry for your problems and I hope everything will be ok for you. ... (9 replies)
Arachnoid cyst
Dec 6, 2000
... my 16 month old son has as large left frontal arachnoid cyst. the cyst was operated on when he was 5 weeks old and has drained slightly but is still quite large. it does not seem to be causing any further pressure to the brain. ... (2 replies)
... kind but they happen daily now. One CT scan revealed some kind of carbon monoxide poisoning, and a lesion of some kind. Still, yet another revealed an arachnoid cyst right next to my pituitary gland causing my Prolactin levels to be high also adding to pitting edema. ... (3 replies)
... I am pretty sure a "lesion" can be anything from a cyst to a tumor to an abnormal looking area. I have two brain lesions which are tumors. ... (4 replies)
... tumour, vascular malformation, dead brain tissue, calcification, blood, pus, atrophy etc. etc. etc. ... (9 replies)
... and a mild bulging disc. Months later and the headaches were still bad enough to where my neurologist ordered a cranial mri and thats when they found the pineal cyst that is 5mm by 9mm. The doctor says not to worry about it and is sending me to a neuro psychologist for further testin on July 22. ... (0 replies)
... Took me 8 yrs. w/ insults of `it's all in my head'. My research & pushing for copies of my files, found an aggressive tumor w/ yrs. of inflammation that caused bone destruction. Law allows U copies of MRI, post-op, & biopsy+ blood reports. `Mine was a cyst & stress!' 4 surgeries later & a ton or reports read like a colleague cover up. Brain tumors don't dissolve w/... (7 replies)
... prssr pops! Xanax is for anxiety but also wks. on relaxing the trig. nerve. ... (5 replies)
New to group
Aug 7, 2011
... as well not too long ago and had surgery going on two weeks ago now. She's doing ok but has lost some function in her left arm which is getting better so far. ... (1 replies)
... was having extreme headaches, swollen face, dizziness. Thought that symtoms were from diabetes, but ended up in the emergency room with the 4th ventrical in her brain blocked, Dr. ... (1 replies)
Anyone else????
Jun 24, 2006
... i feel ur pain i am constantly lighheaded all daythe docs brush it off like its nothing i would get a ct scan of ur head i had one and they said it was normal but who knows ive heard they can overlook things i had this done in er room i also had an eeg to test for seizures its was ok there trying to brush it off as anxiety but i know it isnt i found a small bump on my... (2 replies)
... OK `00', for lack of a better name. Glad ya' have Mom. Glad ya' got a peek @ MRI. Discription doesn't help as there are branches all over the brain they highlight & don't others. GET A COPY of the radiology report & if necessary, ask reg. Dr. to explain it to you. Location determines treatment! CFS does NOT cause fainting. Fatique & weakness. An `EEG' test is always... (9 replies)

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