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... hey hb.. had a sitting open MRA done of my brain. Almost passed out. Sweated like crazy and got very dizzy.. i was all alone and closed in.. I have a MRI also to do tomorrow. ... (14 replies)
... thanks so much.. I already had the mra this past friday, but now i got to get the mri tomorrow.. your saying when im about to walk into the exam room close my eyes. ... (14 replies)
... i cant wait to get mr MRI an MRA results back.. i am dying to get them back asap pronto... do u excersise at all? ... (14 replies)

... Oh, please keep your eyes open till you get set up on the table. Otherwise you might bump into someone or something LOL. ... (14 replies)
... o everything.. yes the maury show was so much drama that it made the mri machine seem quiet. insane, but it worked. focus.. next time you do mris go to a sitting open mri place.. i didnt have to lie flat on a board. i sat on a bench the entire time with the machine over me.. quite different then the old school mri machones.. ... (14 replies)
... have you had any second or third opinions from any other neurosurgeons?from what you stated,i am assuming this aneurysm has not actually been treated itself yet?this really sounds like a kind of odd sort of dx of your situation.they can do other more definitive types of testing to really see exactly whats going on in there.i see where you actually had a CT done but what othwer... (5 replies)
... Did you find the help you were looking for? I had a root canal years ago and also got an infection years later. I was diagnosed with brain lesion 3 years ago that can also be caused by infection and experience all of the symptoms that your wife has a dentist decided to open the tooth that i had a root canal and found a horrible infection (that could very well been there since... (4 replies)
... t chin, sometimes moving to upper chin. Anyway, not to crap on the original post. I wanted to chime in and share my experience. If anyone has any suggestions I'm open to them. ... (16 replies)
... ther went through this lol We have tried going back further into the family to see if his father or grandfather had this pain but no one knows for sure. So if my MRA comes back normal then im sure this is hereditary. ... (9 replies)
... aw. It did seem to help. I also started singing in my head to pass the time rather than think about it. I had a closed MRI and it was very noisy. I wonder if the open one is also noisy. Scout should know. The operator I had was good, kept asking how I was doing which helped. ... (29 replies)
... i am to, i get through it by keeping my eyes closed from the time i lay down to the time i get done. no it before they even get started. think of things you want to do,or sing to the music, in your head that is.. (14 replies)
... When I had mine done, they gave me something to put over my eyes and it seemed to help. Good Luck!!!;) (14 replies)
... You poor thing, having that happen at the movies!! One of lifes most embarressing moments for sure.:) You are sooo young to have so much going on. I'm an old lady at 42. To be 24 again!! My tingling started around that age. I hope they get a grip on whats going on with you soon. Chiari is cronic and there is no cure. Surgeries just stop the progression. It is also very... (14 replies)
... I started many years ago with tingling sensations in my left side. Drs said it was anxiety. 3-4 years ago, things went down hill fast. I had been rear ended and had not thought anything of it except that my neck was stiff. I started having alot of unexplained things and Dr's couln't understand what was going on as each test showed nothing. I had severe bladder and bowel... (14 replies)
... yes i agree that technology is booming.. i been to that hospital before and diid not have a pleasant experience, but thats because i was having a bad panic attack and wanted all the doctors away from me.. the drs wanted to shoot me up.. chiari sounds a lot like what i have.. i also have a lot of neuro issues too.. i always feel like sumthing dripping down my back of my head... (14 replies)
... Hi Italia~ You sure do have a cocktail of diagnosis!! Funny but pseudo tumor cerbri is very common with Chiari. Chiari is when the skull is basically too small for the brain to fit. It squeezes in the base of the skull blocking the CFS flow (spinal fluids) and compresses the nerves. pseudo tumor cerbri is too much fluid. Which causes alot of head pain. I have blocked flow... (14 replies)
... Hi Italia~ Thats great!! I'm so glad it was easier for you this time around. It definately is a mind set thing. So contantly focusing on something else helps. And the maury drama was probobly louder than all that banging the machine makes!! LOL So now that you got through it, you'll be an old pro if you have to get through another MRI. I still today have to make myself not... (14 replies)
... cindy i did way better this time around and it was way longer.. I think its because i got a differernt tech and he blasted a maury the talk show drama for me.. WOuld keep anyone focused listening to these couples fight over whose baby it is and who cheated lol... I occupied myself great. time flew right bye. 25 minutes for sitting mri and i was so upset to leave.. I thought it... (14 replies)
... Hi~ I haven't had the sitting MRI but the one laying on the table and they slide you in. When they get ready to put me in, I close my eyes and ask for a cover for them. I had a tech tell me too, its all in my head and I said "yup" but I'm still closing my eyes!! LOL They have a job because we are giving them work so stand up for yourself!! It is load, I know. My ears... (14 replies)
... Hi italia~ I too, dont like the MRI but someone had givem me a great piece of advice to go in with your eyes closed and keep a cloth over them. What I didn't see didn't hurt me. I know if I had peaked just once, I would start panicking. I have had several and to this day, dont know what the inside of the machine looks like. But you sound like its a very difficult thing... (14 replies)

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