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DX with chiari
Oct 7, 2008
... I guess my chief complaint is the headache with pressure pain to back of my head. My neck is middle to left side pain. ... (55 replies)
... normal. My thinking is fuzzy which really scares me and if I do actually have a "headache", it's sort of a band of burney pain on topof where my ears are around the back across the occipital "bumps" and around to the other side. ... (6 replies)
Sep 10, 2009
... I have a dull headache almost everyday. This I have been having since last two months. I sufferred the same last year. But it went away with just pain killers in 2008. ... (0 replies)

... So here i am again. I already posted tons of stuff on the Neuropathy board and before going to the Doctor all my symptoms left me for a few weeks so i did not go. I was afraid, i am afraid to go still. ... (1 replies)
... oh,congrats on being able to have this coiled onyx,really,this is by FAR the least invasive and will allow the best recovery in minimal time. ... (3 replies)
Brain Bleeds
Aug 18, 2004
... Hi last Thrusday I was rugby training when I got a pounding headache on the right hand side of my forehead, this felt quite bad but I carried on running and the pain went away and I went on to do more impact excercises and my head felt totally fine. I then got the same type of headache the next night and on Sunday. ... (0 replies)
... cking feeling" sometimes in legs, feet, and hands,bouts of confusion sometimes, memory loss and forgetting how to do some simple tasks and having to ask which is right and which is left, major decline in handwritting, struggling with school work, and problems comprehending some things. ... (2 replies)
Shooting pains
Feb 19, 2004
... I was wondering if someone could help. I am a 23 yrs old and have horrible pains that start at the base of my head and shoot right up the back of it. The pains only last a couple of seconds but it has been so severe that I have had to pull over from driving. ... (0 replies)
... (7 replies)
... What I am worried about is that now my left pupil is smaller than the right pupil. I went to the ER and he said that they were, in fact, slightly different sizes. ... (7 replies)
Brain tumour?
Apr 16, 2009
... and have some slight trouble when walking. My left leg sort of slips over towards my right leg, and although I don't look lopsided I sometimes feel like it. ... (2 replies)
... and it was supposed to alleviate my pain right away. After half an hour and no change, the nurse was concerned and did a head MRI to see if all was ok. Everything was and I got sent home. ... (6 replies)
... and vertigo. He did an exam for the vertigo and, based on it, could not discern any symptoms that would indicate a Chiari I. ... (28 replies)
... My fiance had a resident do his spinal tap, the procedure was hideous but later he was ok, as was I. I am concerned that there is something neurological going on as a friend of mine had similiar symptoms, sort of, without the back pain occurring later. ... (2 replies)
... My first one came back with a significant lesion of unknown etiology on the right along the optic tract periventricular to the right ventrical. ... (4 replies)
... P.S. I have the same pain in the shoulder blade. It hasn't yet responded to physical therapy but feels better when I strech it out. Try bringing your right arm straight across and against your chest. Hold your elbow with the left hand. Turn your head to look over left shoulder, then drop chin to chest. ... (27 replies)
Mrv or mra??
Jul 28, 2010
... left side which seems to go right through to the back of my left eye,as if something is pushing on it. So would the mrv be more suitable for checking that area? ... (15 replies)
... centralized behind the right eye. ... (3 replies)
Chiari ...
Oct 23, 2008
... s screaming "do something Rheachel" By now, I am really not able to breath. I couldn't get a breath. It was like my windpipe had closed off. I pulled over to the side of the road but I knew the girls were scared so I tried to remain calm for them. But in my mind I'm really thinking "I can't breath!! ... (97 replies)
... Vitamin D is a great healer of nerve cells. I take it to combat muscle and nerve damage from statin use and it has subsided a lot of the pain and weakness. ... (3 replies)

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