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... o. So I would strongly suggest getting rechecked and getting back on the proper med. and giving it time to work. About your dizzy spells, feeling out of it, neck pain etc., it sounds like you may have a neck or muscle problem, because this alone can cause numerous very scarey symptoms. Read some of the other posts here. ... (3 replies)
... I used to get chest pain too. I had ekg's a few times. Always nothing. I stopped drinking last June. I was a beer drinker. My chest pains went away. ... (71 replies)
Cyst in brain
Sep 7, 2003
... i too have suffered from a pressure type pain on the right side of my head, i had a brain scan which showed nothing so my doc put me on amitryptiline 7 years ago .it is an antidepressant but it is also a muscle relaxant. ... (7 replies)

... mainly right side behind the knee. ... (1 replies)
... e. Compression of the cord itself does not hurt but can make you feel numb and tingly anywhere from the level of compression on down. Mine was all over the place in my neck and the first symptoms I had were tingling toes. ... (9 replies)
... as for effects on your brain and body, well, it's a "pain" to bend over and leak all over the floor or on yourself. ... (4 replies)
... Have the trigger points, or atleast the muscles in your neck and upper back checked. The twitching is a common thing I get when I am having back and neck problems. This usually also affects one arm. ... (1 replies)
... but i disagree. the symptoms are physical and constant, not triggered by any particular event, although sometimes worse when in crowded places, in a meeting and especially while driving. it is very frustrating because i feel like i have lost myself and my outgoing personality. ... (4 replies)
... I started having symptoms 3 years ago with sever burning in my legs along with muscle weakness. I literly had to sit while it was happening or I would fall. ... (2 replies)
... I had a concussion at your age...the doctors acted very strangely, too. In my case, I actually collapsed every few weeks or pain, no blackout. I never had a "drunk feeling. My symptoms finally went away on their own... ... (7 replies)
Sep 10, 2009
... I have a dull headache almost everyday. This I have been having since last two months. I sufferred the same last year. But it went away with just pain killers in 2008. ... (0 replies)
... on. I read my eeg results from the hospital and the doctor said there was no denying the rhythmical changes that looked like a grandmal seizure. I then went back in and they did a second one that showed difuse slowing of the brain waves. ... (8 replies)
... There are alot more but cant think of them right now... ... (8 replies)
Abnormal EEG
Oct 28, 2007
... My dad went into the hospital in the end of september. He was in ICU and intubated due to various breathing issues. He was off the vent for 3 days in that period of time he was able to focus and respond but not verbally. Then he would kind of space out. ... (1 replies)
... but later on that night she called me again and said her vision was still messed up with a "spot' in her vision that had not let up at all during the day like is usually does when she takes her abortive,midrin. ... (2 replies)
Lump on the head
May 8, 2007
... I started to get worried thinking I have a brain tumor and I was going to die. ... (0 replies)
... Dont know if this is in the right board but for about the last couple of weeks I've been having what I call head pressue in my forehead and temples. Everyday I've had it. I can take a Xanax or somein and it will help it some what. But what are some cause of head pressure? ... (1 replies)
... or even carbon monoxide poisoning but the symptoms didn't match what I had experienced. Anyway since then it has happened about 8 to 10 times with 4 or 5 of them in the last month. It's really difficult to describe what happens so bare with me. ... (0 replies)
Anyone else????
Jun 24, 2006
... i feel ur pain i am constantly lighheaded all daythe docs brush it off like its nothing i would get a ct scan of ur head i had one and they said it was normal but who knows ive heard they can overlook things i had this done in er room i also had an eeg to test for seizures its was ok there trying to brush it off as anxiety but i know it isnt i found a small bump on my... (2 replies)
... r and random pains that would occur everywhere but last only for a few secs, strange buzzing or vibrating sensations all over and chills that felt like they were in my head . ... (1 replies)

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