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... I do not know much about your diagnosis other than health anxiety and pains in the head. ... (14 replies)
... Last December I fell in my bathroom and had to go to the ER. ... (12 replies)
... wow,you do sound like you have a few possible totally unrelted things going on is the protien in your urine? ... (1 replies)

Cyst in brain
Jun 17, 2006
... When I was 19 years old my Papa passed away from a malignant brain tumor. Afer his death, I went through a hypochondria spell thinking I had onealso. So to give me peace of mind, my dr, sent me for a CT scan. ... (4 replies)
Brain hurts?
Jan 24, 2006
... I have been having pain in my head for a few months now. It isn't a headache. ... (1 replies)
... If the pain persists seek further help! An MRI SCAN SHOWS UP MORE THAN A CT SCAN and an aniogram shows us anything they miss! ... (14 replies)
... Sorry if this is not the real place to ask this, I'm new to this forum. ... (14 replies)
... never as bad as a break down in the health in November last year. ... (3 replies)
... Just what type of docs are you currently seeing or have seen in the past? ... (2 replies)
Cyst in brain
Jun 13, 2006
... Hi,, I usually post on the ms board.. because all my syptoms seem to point to that.. which is why i went to doc in first place... I have dizziness and fatigue and pain in hips, knees, and arms.. twitching in legs and wierd feelings in head... like chills or static in my head. ... (4 replies)
Chiari Anyone????
Feb 27, 2005
... and there is pressure put on ur brain and some times ur spine which can lead to another condition sometimes associated with it, syringomyelia. Thats where the chiari causes the CSF to stop flowing and creates pockets of spinal fluid which slowly severe and crush ur spinal chord. ... (21 replies)
... I can tell you what it all means if that will help. I've had many brain MRI's and many cervical spine MRI's and 2 major cervical spine surgeries. ... (4 replies)
Mrv or mra??
Jul 30, 2010
... AT bold about actually even beginning to be able to really even begin to FULLY 'see" what actually really does look like a freaking highway map tangle of vessels in there, the vascular structures within anyones brain without contrast? ... (15 replies)
... my entire left ear and surrounding area, and my hip to my leg. Down to my body, my left arm is numb on my forearm and on my ring and pinky fingers. The bulk of the numbness is on the left side of my neck, sternocleidomastoid muscle is very stiff and numb. I do exercises for my neck ever since this has been happening. ... (4 replies)
... I'm a 30 yr old female and I've had this sensation of a nail going through my brain along with a twitching feeling. It's a very sharp pain, and doesn't usually last but for a few seconds. ... (0 replies)
... No one has said they have found findings of damage from the fall, but I have never had these symptoms before. I had a bad wreck in 2001 and a minidischotomy of L4 and 5 took a long time to recover but great now. ... (0 replies)
Brain stem cyst
Jan 5, 2004
... hey, I have scare tissue on my brain stem, like having two or three tumors. all i can do is keep the inflamation down. my prob. severe back spasms, good luck. ... (4 replies)
Brain stem cyst
Jan 1, 2004
... After almost a year of back cranial migran headaches, extreme neck, should and upper back pain etc. ... (4 replies)
... most of the doctors think that there is nothing wrong with me and that im making it all up. ... (5 replies)
... Hello i'm Ryan,17, 18 in 9 days time from Northern Ireland. ... (3 replies)

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