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... relatively harmless although kind of "freaky" as I've had them where they will last over a minute of just a random part in my arm or leg or stomach that just quivers up and down randomly without any pain involved. ... (3 replies)
... One night before bed i felt a pressure in my brain like a balloon being filled with air making a strong pain as the pressure was building up and at the same time i heard a voice in my head, This was the only voice i heard in my heard at this time but the pain kept coming. ... (1 replies)
Jan 25, 2011
... I have been having a strange like feeling in the right side of my brain when I turn to the left. Feels like it is going numb and I feel so very dizzy or something. ... (5 replies)

... times. the pain would also very at times but always remains on the light almost painless sensatin rather like a weak light toothache only brain terms. Im unsure on the exact location of this being it the right parietal lobe or right temporal lobe maybe in the middle section of both. ... (3 replies)
... There is strong evidence that you can't fix low B12 or B12 deficiency with shots once or twice a month, particularly if you are getting cyanocobalamin. The long explanation would be hard for me to write here, with all my brain fog. ... (58 replies)
Brain mri results
Oct 10, 2009
... have they ever also done an MRI on at least your c spine area too just to see if any of the symptoms you mentioned could also be stemming at least in part from some level of problem within that c spine? ... (7 replies)
... just because 'his' emg showed good nerve enrgy flow.but i was in agony.thanks doc. ... (4 replies)
... t know what to expect. My blood pressure and pulse is the same really high and then all of a sudden it is really low. My pain Dr. ... (7 replies)
Head Pains
Mar 4, 2005
... Ive read about your symptoms somewhere. I remember it saying oddly, the problem could very well be a dental problem with the jaw area that can cause the pain you describe. ... (1 replies)
... It is good that you have the CT scans that show your brain is clear. It is also good that you continue to seek an answer to why you are having pain. ... (14 replies)
... I had an MRI on my lower back which showed the bad disk. But I already knew that. I have arthritis in the back which I figure was to be expected. I also have mild scoliosis. I've also had a brain MRI. ... (15 replies)
... Same thought, when did you start the Paxil? ... (6 replies)
... Six years ago, my wife developed Bell's Palsy while giving birth. The effects improved, but there is still some neuralgia and permanent nerve damage and facial displasyia. ... (0 replies)
Closure needed
Nov 19, 2009
... hello all thanks for listening and providing advice to me and everyone elses concerns. if u make it to the end of this book then damn props to u. please forgive my lack of ability to spell some of the terms in this post. ... (4 replies)
... I have been posting in the spinal disorders forum. My story is a long one so I will try to keep it brief. ... (0 replies)
... Recently I have been having some pain in my right eye, as if there is something in the eye but more painful, there isn't anything going in my eye to cause it either. ... (3 replies)
... this, to me does not actually 'sound" like a true stroke monkey. it could be like a hundred different things tho. getting the proper testing is what is going to give you the best answers here. there just are many things that would NOT have actually shown up on CT. ... (4 replies)
... make certain that the MRI your doc ordered is WITH a contrast agent. this just will highlight certain areas much better within the brain that can at times be somewhat "hidden" depending upon angles used during the MRI? ... (1 replies)
... Yes, but it's tough going to sleep where I'm having chronic pain issues, and sometimes I wake up during the night in pain from my kidney stones. ... (2 replies)
... ldren. She worked out regularly and had no health issues. April 19, 2007 Charity felt some numbness on her left side. An MRI on April 23 showed something on her brain stem. ... (3 replies)

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