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... During the eight months I saw 2 Neurosurgeons, 1 Neurologist,1 Orthopedic surgeon, 1 Pain Management Specialist and 1 Physical Therapist. ... (0 replies)
... Well I have had symptoms for around 8 years now Dizzyness, not like spinning, but a sudden falling sensation, constantly lightheaded, feeling unsteady and shaky, feeling weak, feeling like I am passing out, sudden numbness in arms and face and chest area, panic attacks (which I still think are due to my symptoms) ringing in ears, sleep apnea, cold hands and feet, hands... (47 replies)
... will tell a lot. the brachial plexus mri is either on the right or left side. these images are considered "new art," so not many doctors know how to read them. ... (11 replies)

... I'm still having intermittent neck pain and headaches. This is my 14th day of intermittent pain in my forehead. Can my neck spine cause an everyday headache? ... (11 replies)
... Thanks. Past couple of weeks I've had dizziness, headaches and neck pain. Couple years ago I injured my neck. ... (11 replies)
Closure needed
Nov 19, 2009
... secs... and i dont stand up fast either. so thats that but the other symptoms i get is behind the right collar bone just like a pain not a burning but dull pain. ... (4 replies)
... shoulders. I began physical therapy in November 08 for 2 months that relieved the pain and headaches. ... (0 replies)
... In the days following, I developed severe and unusual headaches that started at the base of my skull and extended up through the center of my head. After 5 days of headaches, I went to my physician. ... (3 replies)
... whilst settling into sleep, it started as a pressure in the chest area and around the heart, like a heavy weight placed on the chest, this spread to a mild dull pain through my left shoulder and upper arm. ... (4 replies)
... Hello, please help, 42 year old male. About 3 years ago, I started having numbness in my left arm and hand that would wake me up in the middle of the night. ... (0 replies)
... sudden my left arm gave out and i new something was wrong right away. ... (47 replies)
... a course of antibiotics, and some pain pills. ... (3 replies)
... I have had some odd numbness problems over the past four weeks. Started as numbness on left side of face and left arm and hand but has spread to numbness all around my face, both fore arms and hands, sometimes even in my feet. ... (0 replies)
Anxiety and ALS
May 13, 2011
... The anxiety began in early March with severe, gripping pain in my left ribcage. ... (0 replies)
... terms.....minimal, mild, moderate and severe with severe being the worst. You are mostly "mild". But you have "moderate" closing of the exit for the nerve on the left side at C5 and another problem at C8 although that is listed as mild but has some concern that it may be more moderate. ... (4 replies)
Closure needed
Nov 20, 2009
... uld shoot to my left eye and my left eye would do this like upward jerking motion which explains the involuntary eye movement and when id cough id get such a bad pain in my head behind the eyes like someone ripped my skull off. reall dehabilatating pain like drop me to my knees and itd stay there untill the tylenol kicked in. ... (4 replies)
... Hello,...I am truly sorry to hear of your trouble. I too am experiencing this oddity. I am just starting to explore the source of the numbness and tingling so if and when these doctors diagnose and treat the symptoms I will post again. I am certain it is more than an anxiety issue. I started to experience the tingling and numbness throughout my entire body (head to toes) about... (5 replies)
... weakness and lower left back pain. ... (5 replies)
Cyst in brain
Jun 19, 2006
... I do have a appt. with a new neuro in cpl weeks so i will see what he thinks... I just dont feel good i feel flu like and am in lots of pain plus i get headaches and wierd feelings in head arms and legs... some days my left arm just doesnt seem like it wants to work anymore!! ... (4 replies)
Need help
Nov 7, 2011
... en diagnosed with sinus tachycardia and given bisoprolol 2.5 mg to take once a day. About a month after the onset of the tachycardia I started experiencing chest pain that radiated into my arms. ... (1 replies)

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