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... wow you have certainly been thru it. the one thing that HAS to take place in order to actually aquire central pain syndrome itself would be some level of real affectation or damage to whats calledf the spinothalamic tract within your spinal cord. this is just what creates it. ... (18 replies)
... Hi patrice, Me too new,,,,,,,,just joined today.I m here for my father.He suffered stroke in July'08 and since Oct'08 he is feeling shooting pain in entire right side of body and sometimes in isolated parts of right side.He too has same of kind of burning sensation,pricking pain.Our doc said its Thalamic synodrome,which is an post stroke pain... I suggest you go for... (18 replies)
... as when I put my head on a pillow or when I brush or wash my hair. At other times I am found holding my scalp in both hands because the pain is so overwhelming. ... (0 replies)

... when it comes to ANY type of pain really, all you can do is really 'try" as many different things just to see if they will work on YOUR particular pain process. i would give it a shot. ... (4 replies)
... king spine. As soon as this doctor entered my spine, I lost feeling VERY PAINFULLY from my waist down. I thought I was paralyzed. I could not move or talk the pain was so bad. After about 5 minutes, the initial BLAST of pain subsided but lead to a pain in my back that I can only describe as INCREDIBLE. ... (5 replies)
... years ago, I had a tooth that cracked that required a root canal and crown. Soon after, I started experiencing slight jaw pain in the mornings and a few bad headaches. About 2 months later I was in a very minor rear end accident. ... (18 replies)
... old daughter, who is very normal and healthy otherwise, her brain does not respond to pain medications or sleep medications. She has problems sleeping and has been prescribed every sleep medicine I think there is and she still cannot fall asleep, i.e. ... (0 replies)
... at they did indeed hit that stellate and the fact you responded even a little means that this is in all liklyhood RSD,or sympathetically maintained and generated pain with RSD being the most likely culprit. ... (6 replies)
... did you feel any sort of change in your pain at all with that stellate? ... (6 replies)
... the pain does occasionally go down to 6 and then back up to 9. ... (4 replies)
... Thalamic Pain Syndrome" and "Radioculopathies"... ... (0 replies)
... shoulders. I began physical therapy in November 08 for 2 months that relieved the pain and headaches. ... (0 replies)
Head Pain
Jun 12, 2009
... I have experienced the pain that you suffer with. I know just how horrible it is. I had trigeminal n for 4 years, the pain can't be explained unless you have or have had it. ... (2 replies)
... they treat all kinds of pain there and they DO know the best types of meds to try and hit this crap and knock it down. the anti siezure meds are usually the first line of treatment for this. ... (18 replies)
... happens to either the left or right side, sometimes the pain is unbearable that I can't sleep. ... (2 replies)
... eft there I realized I couldnt lift my right arm and there was swelling in my upper right arm and in my right side of my neck. And not to mention the excuriating pain that went along with it. The doctor that did this said this could happen and it could take a cuople of days or months for this to correct itself. ... (6 replies)
... definietly there.exactly where is your pain located within your body and what does it feel like,if you can actually put it into words,i know sometimes neuro type pain just goes beyond any real description,as those words just don't exisit in the english languege yet.believe me,i know. ... (4 replies)
... I am still without a diagnosis but suffer from nerve related pain in my feet, legs, hands and arms and also have a very stiff neck. ... (1 replies)
... During the eight months I saw 2 Neurosurgeons, 1 Neurologist,1 Orthopedic surgeon, 1 Pain Management Specialist and 1 Physical Therapist. ... (0 replies)
... I have been having this slight pain in the right side of my head for about 3 months now. Kind of like a pea in the mattress feeling. ... (3 replies)

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