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... numbness and tingling in extremeties, painful numbing scalp, feels like little shards of glass are stuck in the follicles when you brush your hand over your head type of feeling. ... (6 replies)
... (3 replies)
... Not sure what is going on, I just want people who has had or is having the same symptoms to weigh in. About 2.5 months ago it started with my head twitching directly above my right ear, annoying but not painful. Twitching lasted for 3 days then I had the same spot feel like it is on fire! That lasted 2 days the. It moved to the top of my head, stayed there for two days and... (3 replies)

... I started getting pimples and bumps on the back of my scalp around mid July. ... (0 replies)
... The chiropractor says these disks are pressing on my nerves causing these very annoying and at times quite painful sensations. ... (71 replies)
... pain but not painful enough that I needed pain meds. It was achey and pulsing. ... (2 replies)
... and have chronic sinusitis and TMJ problems, which are painful and cause me to become dizzy and fatigued, I have not had this recurr after this episode. ... (8 replies)
Itching Brain
Aug 31, 2015
... My r inner ear and r side of scalp in 2004 and it started with extreme itching. ... (2 replies)
... feeling in my neck and head, accompanied with terrible scalp pain that feels like a perpetual hair ache. ... (4 replies)
... mes and goes. Lately it has been omnipresent and radiates around and above my left ear, when stressed or really busy at work. Feels sort of like a bug under my scalp with the occasional twinging pain. ... (71 replies)
... severe vertigo, blackouts, accelerated heart rate, low blood pressure and painful full body muscle spasms that were triggered by unanticipated noises and severe painful uncontrollable jaw muscle contractions that felt like they were going to break my jaw bone. Dec 25 was the worst day, and I spent that day in the ER. ... (5 replies)
... acial numbness but I have had this headache pressure pain that moves around my head.sometimes on the left other times the right. I had a lot of tenderness on my scalp also. It's so strange with the pain moving around! I actually had an MRI when it first started and all was fine. I also get the pressure up my temples. ... (4 replies)
... tingling sensation all over my scalp and crazy dizzy spells. Mine started one month after having eye surgery in December 2012 to correct double vision. ... (2 replies)
Need help
Nov 7, 2011
... Iím new on this forum so please bear with my (too) long story. Iím just trying to figure out what is wrong with me and Iím definitely looking forward to hear what other people with (maybe) similar problems have to say. Couple of months ago I started having some episodes of tachycardia Ė out of the blue my heart would start racing so of course I went to the ER lots of... (1 replies)
... After reading your most recent post it sounds even more to me like TMJ. You certainly would not notice yourself clenching and grinding at night because you are asleep. The fact that your teeth are losing enamel and shortening should be proof that this is in fact taking place. Another would be if you feel very 'stuffed' and achy in the morning (due to the fact you've been... (71 replies)
... the suboccipital region and a bit under it. Whenever i put pressure in the back of my head it triggers the bridge of the nose pressure pain. Laying on my back is painful ass it increase the pressure sensation on my face and back of the head so i have to sleep on my side and now even on my side is getting more and more difficult. ... (8 replies)
... Its a very sore tender area to the touch, if you lightly press on the area its extremely sore, and painful and its under the scalp. ... (15 replies)
Chiari Anyone????
Feb 27, 2005
... well here is a pretty good list of symptoms from *********.org Headache (esp. if daily or at lower back of head) Painful tension in neck Fatigue Migraines Dizziness Visual disturbances / loss of vision / spots in vision / double vision / seeing spots or "halos" / nystagmus Tingling / numbness in the extremeties General imbalance / clumsiness Memory loss (21 replies)
... Wow. I found this site thru a search engine. I have been feeling a tingling sensation in my scalp also for a few years now. It will come and go with no regularity. ... (71 replies)
... Wow. I found this site thru a search engine. I have been feeling a tingling sensation in my scalp also for a few years now. It will come and go with no regularity. ... (0 replies)

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