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... Lucky, The reason they are suggesting an mri is for 2 reasons. The first being mris are alot more detailed than cat scans and can show things that cat scans cannot. Second they do it to cover their butts. I would not worry at this point however if you are still having symptoms it would not hurt........Deb (10 replies)
... my stabbing pains are in the back of my head. and actually i donot get those anymmore i havnt had them for a couple of months. now i just feel weird like i am high or drunk all the time. ... (9 replies)
... Hi, i've actually written about this problem before here. About 3 months ago I started feeling weird things in my head and neck. Already cleared. But now 3 months later it's still there but a little less. ... (3 replies)

Closure needed
Nov 19, 2009
... advice to me and everyone elses concerns. if u make it to the end of this book then damn props to u. please forgive my lack of ability to spell some of the terms in this post. my medical knowledge is pretty expansive but when it comes to spelling them i suck. ... (4 replies)
... and sort of warm feelings on the back of my feet and stabbing pains in my throat. Then I started to have racing heart and sometimes very, very slow rate to the point where I could hardly feel it beating at all. ... (1 replies)
... I have mitral valve prolapse. In June 2002 I had a stress echo done by my cardio. I can't do the treadmill, so it was a drug induced one. ... (3 replies)
Hello Need Help
Oct 28, 2009
... When it started is debatable. My doctor goes by March 09. I go by December 08. See, in December 08 I first went to the doctor because I was having really bad dizzy spells especially at work. ... (0 replies)
... worker watched it happen and was able to tell me what happened with my body as the headache struck. It was one of the sudden stabbing type headaches I explained in my first post. ... (3 replies)
... ht side of my head, its not really throbing more like squeezing and pinching pain mostly at the top on one side, although I do feel the pain down the back of the head as well as the neck sometimes. I have had these type of headaches off and on for the past 10years. ... (1 replies)
Brain "stabs"
Aug 8, 2005
... Ive been geting these stabbing head pains for a few years now, and still not really sure what it is but it hasnt got any worse and Im still here so it cant be serious. ... (6 replies)
Icy Cold Sensation
Nov 30, 2004
... I have been suffering with strange sensations in my head for the past three weeks. I have this icy cold sometimes burning sensation. It usually starts in the base of my neck and works its way up and often moves to different places in my head and face. ... (0 replies)
... I started getting tremors in my hands and twitching of my eyelids, eyebrows, and thumbs. ... (10 replies)
... HI CK Sure thing no problems there is plenty so here it goes Fatigue/extreme tiredness felt like I never slept Couldnt sleep properly Urinating at night around every hour Aching in legs joints soreness heavy lead like limbs Weakness (28 replies)
Chiari ...
Oct 1, 2008
... stabbing pains in the head? ... (97 replies)
... were leisions present with some migraineurs. I would surely be more anxious ea time I have an MRI scheduled if I had a family hx. of MS. I am unaware of any MS in my family hx. I will keep you in my prayers. I understand what it is to feel as if something is wrong, but it has not yet been identified. ... (6 replies)
Borderline chiari
Apr 22, 2009
... the impression he didnt know much about chiar to be honest! if it comes back negative i will push to see a chiari specialist,nearest to me is addenbrookes as im in suffolk. i dont see why we should have to pay,it will cost you thousands!!! ... (16 replies)
... Also, I tend to get random pains shooting up and down my body, usually on the right side. They shoot up from my feet to my head and back down again. It normally happens if I'm either sitting or walking. ... (3 replies)
... I can sympathize with your situation. In March of 2003, I had surgery to remove a deceased fetus. I became very ill afterwards. ... (3 replies)
Strange symptons
Jun 13, 2002
... Over the last few months I have begun to have some strange feelings, I used to have petiti mal seisures but they were pretty much in control. now i find myself having more staring type seisures. ... (0 replies)
... i, I really need some help. For the past 9 months I have had the most awful symptoms. It started with pins and needles in my hands, numbness in my back, difficulty swallowing, palpatations, wide spread pain and various other symptoms. ... (3 replies)

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