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Pineal Cyst 1.5 cm
Sep 19, 2015
... I had bad vertigo attack in 2008. My MRI showed a 1cm pineal cyst. It is actually 1.3x2cm. Was always told it was nothing. I recovered well from that attack but always felt visually off in crowded spaces. ... (6 replies)
... Due to an abundance of stressful situations, in mid January I started having short chest pains similar to symptoms a few years ago. On Friday, January 21, 2005, I had one that lasted about 45 minutes. ... (4 replies)
... After a head trauma in January, I had a MRI done and they found a pineal cyst about 5mm by 9mm. All my symptoms were put down to the head trauma and was told not to worry about the cyst. They said they would do yearly mris to monitor it. ... (0 replies)

... Hello,I been diagnoised with Hyperostosis frontal interna two months ago. It is bony tumors growing from the bone in my brain. My doctor kept telling me that they shouldn't cause any pain. I kept complaining so he finally did an MRI. That's when they found the Pineal cyst. ... (0 replies)
... ustained a head injury that caused alot of problems, I had a ct scan done and they said it was "ok". Then they did a cervical mri and it showed straightening of the lordosis and a mild bulging disc. ... (0 replies)
... yes please can someone help me as well I have a arcanoid cyst on my brain its basically the same thing just on a different part of the brain and i have all the same symptoms as him and I get terrible headaches and all the doctor gives me is darvocet which hurts my stomach. I live in Richmond,VA!!!! ... (1 replies)
... but then I hit a medical wall. My neurologist got me an appt. with a renowned doc at the University of Pennsylvania, but two days before the appt. ... (9 replies)
... l mri scan. i started having seizures or pseudo seizures visual disturbances mood swings, inability to concentrate. a feeling of fluid around my head. I ended up in a and e several times. i had another scan three months later 1 and half cm lesion found seemed to be a pineal cyst that should cause no problems. ... (1 replies)
Possible M.S.?
Feb 26, 2009
... Hello! I'm a 22 year old female who has been having a lot of health related issues over the last four or five months. Back in October, I started to have a dull pain in my left calf. A few weeks after that I began to have this odd sort of mild tingling in my left leg, foot, and thumb. ... (1 replies)
... Reason I ask is because I had an MRI of the brain and neck done in April 2003. ... (4 replies)
Pineal cyst
Jun 23, 2003
... may benefit from surgery. Most of the newer surgical approaches are less invasive but their efficacy has not yet been proven. ... (31 replies)
Pineal Gland Cyst
Sep 10, 2008
... I am completely upset by the statement that a pineal cyst is that like a birthmark. ... (4 replies)
... I also live in Indiana and Dr. Gaurnaschelli was the first Doctor that I went to. I ended up having surgery to remove it March of this year, and its been a very long recovery. ... (41 replies)
... undefined (12 replies)
... due to severe headaches. I am a polycystic kidney disease patient as well and I had the MRI based on the propensity for brain aneurysms in PKD patients. ... (12 replies)
... In addition, from my extensive searching on the internet, I wanted to provide links to the best summaries and articles that I have found. ... (1 replies)
Brain cyst
Nov 29, 2013
... I have a pineal cyst measures 1.7cm which is on the upper scale. and they also said don't cause symptoms etc but they do. ... (2 replies)
... Hi darling. Has your mum been on any ssri? (Anti depressant) Sounds like nerves miss firing, can be a side effect from medications. , I get this also. Has she had a ct scan or mri? I think this is important to rule out anything serious. Also the pressure when lying down could be hydrocephollus which is build up of csf (cerebbul spinal fluid). Also I have a cyst on the... (1 replies)
... surgeon at Childrens in San Diego. Symptoms getting worse, drs are just watching, saying "nothing is connected". ... (0 replies)
... tremors, severe sinus headaches, pounding sound in ears, ect. So basically this whole past year, I have been seeing various doctors and getting nowhere. ... (4 replies)

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