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... feeling sick," and other neuro problems.Also seizures.It's been hard to find a good doctor who knows about pineal cysts, though, that's been the frustrating part. I am wondering what causes pineal cysts. Also, does any one know any web sites about it? ... (3 replies)
Pineal Cyst 1.5 cm
Sep 16, 2015
... Welcome to the board. I don't know too much about pineal cysts but had a bit of information to share. ... (6 replies)
... I have been experiencing some odd symptoms for about 3.5 months now. ... (1 replies)

... most pineal cysts are benign, incidental findings. They do not usually cause the symptoms that you are describing. ... (11 replies)
Pineal Gland Cyst
Sep 10, 2008
... I am completely upset by the statement that a pineal cyst is that like a birthmark. ... (4 replies)
... I am a 23 year old female and i was just diagnosed with a pineal cyst today. I have had no symptoms other than some sleeping problems. I had heart surgery and 3 mini strokes as a result. ... (41 replies)
... In addition, from my extensive searching on the internet, I wanted to provide links to the best summaries and articles that I have found. These are either scientific articles (or abstracts), or from official organizations like the ABTA. (American Brain Tumor Association) (1 replies)
... (4 replies)
... and am just downright crazy But i always thought these symptoms originated from another source. ... (4 replies)
... rdosis and a mild bulging disc. Months later and the headaches were still bad enough to where my neurologist ordered a cranial mri and thats when they found the pineal cyst that is 5mm by 9mm. The doctor says not to worry about it and is sending me to a neuro psychologist for further testin on July 22. ... (0 replies)
Pineal cyst
Jun 13, 2003
... years with a pineal cyst. She had many, many severe symptoms and no doctor would help her!!!! She finally had surgery and her symptoms are gone!! ... (31 replies)
Pineal cyst
Jun 23, 2003
... Those who have had the operations have had symptoms. The majority of those who have had symptoms have had other findings on their MRIs, such as hydrocephalus or aqueductal stenosis. ... (31 replies)
Pineal Cyst 1.5 cm
Jan 28, 2016
... I also have a pineal cyst about the same size and I am convinced that it is causing all the same symptoms you have described. All doctors I've seen tell me the same thing that it couldn't be causing anything. ... (6 replies)
Pineal cyst
Jun 9, 2003
... My now 15 month old daughter was diagnosed with a pineal cyst by CT scan which was done for other reasons a few months ago. ... (31 replies)
... We received no help! It was a waste of our money and time! He was not concerned. He said, you already had 3 opinions. He also said seizures aren't caused by pineal cysts. Nausea, dizziness, and her many symptoms are not caused by pineal cysts. He gave us no time to ask questions. He was up and out the door. ... (1 replies)
... I was also diagnosed with a pineal cyst. Last year I had a head injury and during the cranial mri they found that I have a 5mm by 9mm pineal cyst. I also have headaches but my docs are saying its caused by the herniated disc in my neck from the injury. Also my eyesight is getting worse. ... (41 replies)
... I also have a small pineal cyst which was discovered during my MRIs for my pituitary tumor. ... (41 replies)
... I have had the tingling scalp and such as well. Ive had mri's, ct scans and an eeg done. Come to find out, I have partial complex seizures and the mri showed a pineal cyst. I also have post truamatic stress disorder because all my symptoms came from a blow to the head I recieved at a dept. ... (71 replies)
Pineal Cyst 1.5 cm
May 30, 2015
... They found a pineal cyst of 1.5 cm. By the way the next day after my MRI, I had severe migraines and vomited about 3 times that day. ... (6 replies)
... going to see Dr. Peter Black at Brigham Women's Hospital in Boston, MA. I heard he is one of the best brain surgeons in the country. He also specializes in the pineal region. Dr. ... (3 replies)

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