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... pannic attacks. I was bullemic for about two years in high school and when my parents found out they drilled into my head that I damaged my body and I got so scared and started to believei t..thats when I had my first "anxiety" attack. ... (2 replies)
... Well for the last 2 months or possibly 3 months my memory has been awful. I used to have a excellent memory but for the last few months I haven't. ... (8 replies)
... can anyone shed some light on this? ... (1 replies)

... There are alot more but cant think of them right now... ... (8 replies)
... I am now going to a Neurosurgeon at UCLA on the 21st of Sept. ... (41 replies)
... Im sorry serenity! I dont know what the mri means! If you are suffering so call the drvwho ordered theMRI again and ask to speak to dr saying exactly what you have said here. ... (5 replies)
... im 24 and from scotland. I too am having unexplained neurological symptoms. I dont know and cant offer any explination as to what you have but i just want you to know you're not alone. I have balance problems and have now developed twitching in my body, quite bad in my legs. ... (3 replies)
... Hello you guys....I have been reading the boards and I feel compelled to respond to this topic.... ... (33 replies)
... I have had no headache or vomiting and my gp has ruled out cancer. Everything looks so strange to me now, and I can not focus on something anymore. It has made studying so hard, I can read long sentences anymore as it is too confusing. ... (0 replies)
... Sorry to hear you had another bad go of this stuff described that well....I get the same thing but for longer. My brain zaps and weird feelings last for a least weeks.... ... (19 replies)
... Panicking isnt going to help you in this situation OR change it. I once convinced myself that i had a brain tumor and was doomed before they even found it, i had a cat scan... ... (3 replies)
... About a year and a half a go i started getting terrible headaches and collapses. normal mri scan. i started having seizures or pseudo seizures visual disturbances mood swings, inability to concentrate. a feeling of fluid around my head. ... (1 replies)
... however the feeling has persisted. I have trouble thinking, speaking, and seeing straight ...I feel as if I am in the twighlight zone since I cannot comprehend my surroundings or interact with people. ... (2 replies)
... Hello everyone, this is my first post on these forums...I've never been a part of a health forum before, this is my first time because I started looking for answers after this concentration problem started really bothering me... ... (0 replies)
Shaky & confused
Feb 1, 2008
... I dont know what it is but I have noticed and other people too have noticed that my head shakes, but only when I am nervous. I have anxiety and when I get really really nervous my head starts unvoluntarily shaking, I have no control over it until I can calm myself down, or until I feel comfortable. ... (3 replies)
Jul 8, 2005
... I live in India and going through very tough part of my life. My only son has got a serious health problem. I listed each and every detail below. ... (1 replies)
... Ok, so something is wrong with me and I have no idea what it could be, I've done tons of research. ... (0 replies)
Help please
Aug 23, 2002
... and he doesnt yet pull up on furniture oir anything. He has also just learnt to roll over and sit at about 9 months. ... (1 replies)
... hi i need some help on this topic my mother in law has trouble for more than a year over last couple of months she has gotten worse dizzeness headaches migrains cant sleep running into walls and just plain falling out not all symtoms of course but they (er) admitted her yesturday after taking test (catscan i believe) said they found lesions on brain and neck what... (3 replies)
NO help out there
Oct 12, 2007
... It began a little over a year ago. I am like everyone else with a stressfull job and busy life. I started having trouble with memory first. Simple forgetfullness which I blew off to stress. ... (14 replies)

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