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... no pain here thank goodness. Still pounding :) (22 replies)
... Type in SCDS or SSCD in the search field and you will see what was causing the pounding heartbeat in my left ear. ... (22 replies)
... I have pain when bending over which feels like pressure, and sometimes has pounding in my ears, its only on one side, and closer to the back although sometimes more by my temple also. ... (1 replies)

... Im 38 years old 186 & 77kg. I have been in great health all my life. 5 weeks ago i felt like i picked up some sort of virus - i felt tired, mild headaches, upset stomach & mild indigestion. I was ok to work so carried on. I then went on a overseas business trip & suddenly felt a lot worse on arrival. For 4 days I had diarrhea, abdominal cramps, hot & cold fever at night that... (1 replies)
... Look up Chiari Malformation and go through that list of what your describing are my symptoms and this is what I was diagnosed with (1 replies)
... I've had pulsatile tinnitus since feb 2005. Wondered how it affects the sleep of other sufferers. I can be relaxed enough to fall asleep, seems to lessen before bedtime now, but it never fails to wake me throughout the night. Sometimes hanging my head off the side of the bed helps. Don't know if it's a muscular problem. I've read they tense up and you should try to sleep on... (19 replies)
... 'PulsingHead', I don't know what to make of the pulsation accompanying horizontal movement of the eyes. How long has this been going on? Does it correspond with ending the citalopram treatment? Did you stop the citalopram under the advice of a MD? Your persistent health problems are worrying. If you haven't already, I think you should see a physician as soon as possible.... (19 replies)
... I also have to same symptoms. Have seen specialists and had various tests done. I have had MRIs, CTs, ultrasounds, hearing tests and a BERA test, nothing has been found. I dont have a blocked corodid artery. If anyone finds out what the pulsating is please let me know. I am sick of being dismissed by the medical profession. Thanking you Susan (19 replies)
... I too am having many of these same symptoms and although I've had seemingly every medical test under the sun (including MRIs of the head, neck, chest, and heart), the physicians who have reviewed my case are unable to identify the cause. The constant pulsation, felt from my chest through my neck and into my head until about the earlobes, is maddening and debiltating -- I... (19 replies)
... I haven't any idea! Sorry! (19 replies)
... That was oen of my symptoms and my MRI came up with me having Arnold Chiari Malformation a I suppose that sort of symptom can be froma number of things. (19 replies)
... I have the same symtom but they found my problem. I have a blocked right corodid artery. The blood is rushing through three other arteries in my head instead of the four main ones. I sleep with a fan on at night to keep some noise in the room. I think it helps. Some nights it takes hours to fall asleep, I hate it! They found the problem doing a test called a WADA test for... (19 replies)
... I have the same symptoms...would appreciate hearing from other people what diagnosis they have far I had a ct scan which came up normal... (19 replies)
... Hello, I have had the exact same symptoms for over a year. I have had MRI, MRA, Cat Scan and other tests and all came back normal. Did you ever find out what you have? I cannot believe I actually found a person that has the same symptoms as I do. Please post back to me. I look forward to hearing back from you. (19 replies)
... es, I fall asleep on the corner of my couch or my desk and cut off the circulation to my head, then I wake up, and feel the blood rush back to my head, my temple pounding like crazy. ... (7 replies)

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