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... my entire left ear and surrounding area, and my hip to my leg. Down to my body, my left arm is numb on my forearm and on my ring and pinky fingers. The bulk of the numbness is on the left side of my neck, sternocleidomastoid muscle is very stiff and numb. ... (4 replies)
... that reveal the fact that I have frequent strokes. I don't know what kind but they happen daily now. One CT scan revealed some kind of carbon monoxide poisoning, and a lesion of some kind. ... (3 replies)
... I can tell you what it all means if that will help. I've had many brain MRI's and many cervical spine MRI's and 2 major cervical spine surgeries. ... (4 replies)

... I had an EKG once in a doctor's office after I was certain there was something wrong with my heart. ... (25 replies)
... I would encourage you to do an Internet search on Orthostatic Intolerance and see if anything seems to "ring a bell. ... (8 replies)
... y site, but I haven't really found any sites with answers regarding their problems or really relating to what i'm going through. So I finally decided to register in hopes someone can relate. ... (2 replies)
... I have been having these symptoms for 1 year and my doctors are still clueless! Please help! ... (5 replies)
... I've been dealing with chronic hyperventilation syndrome for almost a year, but I only discovered that that's what it was in March, and by that time it was really bad. ... (0 replies)
... it did not start to surface till about 4 years ago and it sounds a lot like what I have going on. ... (9 replies)
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Jun 2, 2003
... She had aneurysm rupture in October but seemed to do very well after the surgery. ... (4 replies)
... I have a chairi malformation, it was found in oct. of 2005,it took me 10 years for doctors to figure out what was wrong..I had to resign from my job,the balance and nausea got so bad,and visual problem,and numbness in arms and legs.. ... (5 replies)
... Eh, my brain fog and head pressure and other assorted problems have all been progressive, and sometimes shift around. Would this "progression" of various symptoms probably rule out the cause of my SX as some sort of stroke? ... (25 replies)
... When many tests have been done and the doctors say they have no idea, I think your symptoms sound like they are originating from the muscles in your neck. ... (3 replies)
... Just a couple of questions for you.i do also get migranes too and have since i was thirteen.i am now i do know a bit about this. ... (2 replies)
... t know what to expect. My blood pressure and pulse is the same really high and then all of a sudden it is really low. My pain Dr. ... (7 replies)
... Hello everyone I would like to start off by encouraging others to reply and join in the convo because i'm looking for an answer or anything that can help me out. ... (0 replies)
... I have a thread on another site, but no one has answered, and we need help quick. My husband is 51, and keeps having what he calls zingers in his head, he says its hard to explain but its like a quick zip, or bolt of lightening feeling leaving him very drained afterwards. ... (1 replies)
... This all started last year around thanksgiving. Tonsillitis with a fever and general malaise, night chills and sweats. I went to the doctor got a rapid strep test and everything checked out fine. ... (0 replies)
... It seems or sounds that it could be this perhaps... I have so many of the symptoms that you mention. IT started with numbness on the left side of my face and an EMT test showed that it was not light strokes so they had a brain MRI done and this is what it showed to be the problem... ... (14 replies)
... Confusion, difficulty in thinking, lack of concentration,forgetfulness, poor short term memory, poor attention, problem absorbing new information. ... (14 replies)

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