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... i have had pressure behind my eyes for about a year.its like im always sqinting but im not. ... (2 replies)
... and my symptoms are getting worse as time goes on. I have trouble concentrating, and I have so much pressure behind my eyes. I had an MRI, CTscan, blood tests, etc., all of which have stated I am in good health. I know something is wrong, and I have gone to various docs. ... (1 replies)
... I have noticed similar symptoms in several people, including myself. So far I have only had a blood test and normal checkups, with the diagnosis being anxiety/allergy/sinus infection or some combination thereof. My doctor says that if I don't feel better by next week after taking my current medication (antibiotics, allergy nasal spray and an anxiety medication), then he will... (1 replies)

... the symptoms really hit me. Was at work and all of a sudden it was as if there was a valve stem on the side of my head and someone pumped it full of air. The pressure was agonizing. I felt like someone was pushing my eyeballs out, from the inside out. Then came the headaches that never go away, the nausea, etc. ... (17 replies)
... Hi there. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. I think now is the best time to take her for tests, most importantly an MRI of the brain. I have headaches every single day, which range anywhere from very dull ones, to pressure, all the way to stabbing cluster headaches. This happens to me because I have a malformation at the base of the brain known as Arnold Chiari 1... (3 replies)
... I have had headaches for about two years, and back pain I have because of scoliosis. The other symptoms started on August 10th, while making my way to the doctor to check up on my spine. I don't know if it was anxiety or because of the Chiari, orrrr because I may have Lyme disease :rolleyes: (getting tested for that soon). I have a wide range of symptoms as well, but I don't... (17 replies)
... hould see a neurologist, but I am really broke, and want insight about possible other solutions. In addition, I have had blood tests done and had sugar and blood pressure check and all came out fine. ... (0 replies)
... I'd see an opthamologist... not just a walk in glasses doc but the real deal. You might have something going on with pressure or something in the back of your eye going on. ... (1 replies)
... After reading your most recent post it sounds even more to me like TMJ. You certainly would not notice yourself clenching and grinding at night because you are asleep. The fact that your teeth are losing enamel and shortening should be proof that this is in fact taking place. Another would be if you feel very 'stuffed' and achy in the morning (due to the fact you've been... (71 replies)
... Not sure if your still checking the boards, your symptoms caught my eye, for that's how mine started, check out the Health Issue of Chronic Fatigue on this board, if there still has been no dx. uvm (12 replies)
... To describe the brain fog, it feels like the brain is too big for my skull. There's a constant pressure in my head. I can feel this pressure behind my eyes as well. ... (12 replies)
... Hi there, I've been having strange problems especially with my eyes, feel very spacey and also have often pressure behind one or both eyes. Don't really have headaches though. Any idea if I could have an increased ICP or Hydrocephalus or are headaches a necessary symptom? ... (14 replies)
... To describe the brain fog, it feels like the brain is too big for my skull. There's a constant pressure in my head. I can feel this pressure behind my eyes as well. ... (25 replies)
... when it gets sunnier i just need sunglasses as my eyes go wet and i definitely didn't need to. Anyone similar problems with sunlight? ... (25 replies)
... about 3 months ago i began having a strange clouded out of it type feeling. i would wake up with slight headaches and slight pressure behind my eyes and my eyes always feel very dry and sore. ... (6 replies)
... I have this too. Not so much the facial numbness but I have had this headache pressure pain that moves around my head.sometimes on the left other times the right. I had a lot of tenderness on my scalp also. ... (4 replies)
... w a physiatrist, that specializes in pain management and physical therapy. He mentioned that all these headaches are more tension type, especially the feeling of pressure behind my eyes, and my jaw makes some clicking, and clunking sounds upon opening and closing. He suggested medication but I was hesitant. ... (14 replies)
... I'm a 20 year old male and i've had constant pressure in my head for like 8 months. The pressure seems to move around, sometimes its in the back of my head or in the front like behind the eyes and nose, i get sharp shooting pains from one side to another.. ... (4 replies)
... e way, progressively worse over the, last 5 years or so. The way i feel is deep feelings of surrealism, like both emotional and physical feelings are suppressed. Pressure around the ears and behind the eyes, tunnel vision and bad sound direction regognition and fatigue. Aswell as anxiety. ... (2 replies)
... I have all your symptoms and some..... I seem to be a medical mystery! I have pressure behind the eyes, strange feeling forehead, pressure in neck along with neck and top of back pain. ... (11 replies)

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