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... Thanks for the reply. I made this list overviewing my trouble to bring with me on my next doctors visit. I'm trying to decide if I need to see an ENT or a Neurologist. Any help is appreciated. Original problem (ocurring at nighttime, from October 2006) -off and on -effects me more in the winter time -trouble breathing -tight feeling in throat -waking up gasping for air... (5 replies)
... Hi, idk if you still have any of these symptoms but I suffered a concussion in Jan 2010 and I have had pcs for over a year now. I have head pressure that increases w the slightest bit of exercise and I have that eye issue as well. ... (16 replies)
... I'm new to the boards here and I appreciate any feedback that you should provide. With that said I've been suffering from constant head pressure and lightheadedness since March 2008. It was then that I bumped my head on the wall. ... (16 replies)

... went to see the priest as we are getting married august 14th 2010....and after we left I had a little stint of feeling dizzy and the back of my head had pressure....sort of like 3 fingers placed on thier.... ... (1 replies)
... went to see the priest as we are getting married august 14th 2010....and after we left I had a little stint of feeling dizzy and the back of my head had pressure....sort of like 3 fingers placed on thier.... ... (0 replies)
... My dizziness is worse when I'm standing and walking, but the dizziness can be triggered by rolling over in bed, getting out of bed, and looking up by tilting my head back. Again, it's not spinning like vertigo, but just unsteadiness like things are moving more than they should. ... (3 replies)
... and noticed I would feel good some days and not at all others. I noticed on my own that when it was colder out, I felt good, when it was warm or humid, I had the head pressure and brain fog. ... (17 replies)
... I'm a 21 year old college student, and former colligant football player, but had to stop due to head aches i was enduring from contact during drills. ... (0 replies)
... pened every now and then for the last two weeks. Now, about three or so days ago this happened one night, and it seemed much worse than usual. I woke up the next morning and I've felt like that ever since. ... (1 replies)
... This morning I visited the physio. She has given me an exercise to strengthen the muscles in the front of my neck so I can maintain a better posture. ... (29 replies)
... x mental task for longer than 5 minutes without losing focus, that is if I can even start at all. My short term memory is becoming less and less competent. The head pressure is no doubt a large part of the culprit. ... (58 replies)
... like while sitting at the computer if I rest my elbow on the desk or put too much pressure with my hand on the mouse.... ... (58 replies)
... I read before bedtime, don't eat or drink anything after 7 pm (or try not to). The nights I have fallen asleep reading have been my best nights sleep..... when they took my bp in the hospital it was around 110...when it got lower, the nurses just had me drink more water, then it got back up a little..... (25 replies)
... Doctor said my blood pressure is normal. ... (25 replies)
... s see in the dark and at my worst would even ask the doctors to turn off the lights. It causes different reactions. Sometimes I get pain in my eyes. Sometimes my head starts throbbing. Sometimes I get like heartburn in the back of my throat. ... (65 replies)
... AKMARTIN, I was a bit surprised to read your posting. I was discovered to have an Arachnoid Cyst in the posterior fossa and then I realized that 15 yrs ago no doctor informed me of having seen a Mega Cisterna Magna from an MRI then. I have been struggling with a lot of sleep problems and the sleep study found no abnormalities, I kept on telling about my problem with... (4 replies)
... Friday, February 11, 2005, I woke up feeling the same way I had all week, the pressure around my eyes, but started having dark spots instead of lights. ... (4 replies)
... arted around 11 months ago I first noticed white flashes and dask spots in my peripheral vision. Then my eyelids began to twitch constantly all day. And then the head pressure set in. Pressure on top of my head, on my eyes and my ears. Pressure and reactions were worse when working out or playing sports. ... (2 replies)
... I am at my wits end. My head feels so bad that I get bad thoughts about not wanting to live like this. I get a crawling feeling , like when u hit your funny bone , in the back of my head over and around my left ear. It then spreads around my scalp to my temple. ... (12 replies)
... w...the only thing i had tried untill now was massage from a sports doctor and osteopath wich seemed to give me temporary relief from the stabing sensasion i was feeling in my neck and pressure in the back of my head. ... (7 replies)

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