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... all gone but I started to get other symptoms. I would feel as if I would have bruises in back of my eye, once again not extremely painful but still there. It's a feeling i've gotten before when I get tired and i'm sure most of you have gotten it too. Anyways, that goes away throughout the course of the day. ... (5 replies)
... About 2 weeks ago, the symptoms really hit me. Was at work and all of a sudden it was as if there was a valve stem on the side of my head and someone pumped it full of air. The pressure was agonizing. I felt like someone was pushing my eyeballs out, from the inside out. ... (17 replies)
... Hi, Get checked for Lyme disease right away. Elias test, Western blot, and C6 peptide tests. If they come back negative get tested again. Lyme is elusive, and can mimick any number of other conditions, as well as evade blood tests. I've had Lyme on and off for years, treated, only have it resurge later. Take care, D (2 replies)

... min a day. I got to feeling a lot healthier, and feeling great. ... (2 replies)
... perhaps I'm a causality. I started having odd neurological problems after the Levaquin, which made me very ill for the 5 days I was on it, gastro problems, weird feeling in my head like I was going crazy, depression, general ill feeling. ... (0 replies)
... Since Friday i was feeling tiered, light headed, and and unable to focus on my office work .... ... (3 replies)
... elt a part of this earth. I have been looking for things that make me feel better to no avail. Are these probs for you, showering in morning, riding not driving, morning in general, moving about opposed to sitting, I had an MRI done 4 weeks ago that showed my maxillery sinus completly closed. ... (19 replies)
... I have fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have researched on different message boards, and people have mentioned this "electrical" feeling you are getting. I get it too! Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I feel like my body is plugged into a low voltage light socket! ... (3 replies)
... ss that started in my ring finger and worked its way up. I had bad headaches too and the tinnitus was so loud that my family could hear it just by sticking their head near mine. One morning I was feeling particularly terrible. I went to my 2 hour physiology lab and endured the whole thing while experiencing some weird things. ... (0 replies)
... about 2 years ago, immediately after graduating from college and starting a promising new job, I awoke one morning with a strange, pressure like sensation in my head. Accompanying the pressure was a feeling of mental stupor. I couldn't think clearly and felt vapid. ... (4 replies)
... I've been feeling "pins and needles" all over my body randomly for a few weeks now. Normally it's just the arms and legs. Sometimes it's the hands. ... (3 replies)
Nov 7, 2010
... I'm very sorry that you have had to go through so much. Syrinxes are rare, but are possible complications of spine surgery. It's possible that you had an asymptomatic syrinx that later grew and became symptomatic after your surgery, but based on your history it seems unlikely. If you are experiencing problems due to blocked cerebral spinal fluid flow, your neurosurgeon may... (1 replies)
Oct 31, 2010
... months ago I awoke early morning to numbness on my left side face teeth arm and leg. I went to the ER thinking I was having a stroke. ... (1 replies)
... imes in the middle of the night. I went to the store and bought Excedrin for tension headaches but that doesn't seem to be helping me either. When I woke up this morning I felt completely worse, Im very dizzy, light headed and very tired. And I keep getting this burning on the back of my head. ... (4 replies)
Oct 20, 2003
... all this has caused me to be under a lot of pressure recently and im getting quite depressed about it... ... (2 replies)
... accompanying this feeling was one of slight mental stupor. ... (35 replies)
... f addiction, and I wasn't getting good sleep at all. I don't recall what days in particular I was using drugs, just that there was a stretch of days where I was feeling very badly. ... (25 replies)
... Anyway I had a bad day today. The bump was pressure today, not really a bump but just pressure. I did have post nasal drip when I was on the antibiotics too, not bad though. I was more stuffed up than anything. ... (30 replies)
... I just had a very frightening symptom that I have never experienced before (at least not to the degree that I just did) but before I go into much detail I think I should give you all a little bit of background so you'll be better informed. I am 40 years old and male. Although I do take a long walk each morning (and 25 pushups), I have continued to sit at this computer... (3 replies)
... ally caused by allergies, which is what I have. Also, your symptoms seem to have started at the beginning of spring, when mine start also. I spent my entire life feeling well and suddenly developed allergies. ... (13 replies)

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