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... It should be noted that, soon after I began taking Paxil, I noticed I would get intensely euphoric effects from doses of caffeine in excess of 100mg. ... (4 replies)
... headaches.I think there is Excedrin that has caffeine as one of the ingredients in it.Have you ever tried that? ... (58 replies)
... I've heard about caffeine helping some people with head pressure before, elsewhere on the Net. ... (58 replies)

... tried the candida diet before and possibly dropped to 130 pounds, and as a 5'9" male, that just doesn't look good. There was an energy increase but no effect on head pressure or anything else. With all that weight loss, I could barely keep my usual clothes on at that point. ... (58 replies)
... Much more alarmingly, along with the head pressure getting worse, other symptoms have slowly appeared.. few, if any, going away. Whatever new symptom crops up, seems to stay. ... (39 replies)
... Hello All, I too suffer from the pounding noise in my head. I have had this for about one year now and some days, especially at night when I go to bed and lay my head down the "noise" level in my head is unbearable. ... (19 replies)
... that since, where I'm unable to do anything for a whole day. But, I still am mildly disoriented at times every day, especially in conjuction with the degree of pressure in my head. ... (17 replies)
... It feels like something is moving around in my head all the time, tonight it feels like something wants to tear itself or burst inside my head... seriously. ... (17 replies)
... normal blood pressure, but, I saw someone elsewhere on the Net say that they had the constant head pressure and low blood pressure like me... and yet, blood pressure drugs relieved their problem! ... (65 replies)
... Bill, Many people with Lyme's Disease present with similar symptoms. You might want to check out the Lyme's Boards. Bethsheba (39 replies)
... I just don't know what the hell to do. ALL drugs make this pressure in my head worse. Paxil, caffeine, alcohol. And food. Eating anything makes it worse, drinking anything makes it worse. ... (17 replies)
... the dr. put me on Biaxin and in 24 hrs. the pressure was gone.She said I had sinusitus. ... (58 replies)
... I will say that lifting heavy objects tends to make my head pressure worse, so I don't know what the deal with that is. But it sounds similar to your problem. ... (58 replies)
... I do not expect much to come of it, but perhaps maybe a few things can be "ruled out," at least. I also think the neurologist may tell me to abstain from all caffeine for a while, which is something that would be very frustrating for me. ... (39 replies)
... x mental task for longer than 5 minutes without losing focus, that is if I can even start at all. My short term memory is becoming less and less competent. The head pressure is no doubt a large part of the culprit. ... (58 replies)
... I feel for you!!!! I dealt with head pressure for 10 years. I came to the conclusion that the medical community does not have the information when dealing with subtle energetics and the nervous system.... ... (65 replies)
... d also Bill did too.I never drink...I'm serious...the last time I had alcohol I was 18 yrs.old and that is the truth.I was dx with hypoglycemia in 1975 so I quit caffeine and stayed away from that 'til this day.So I just mention the alcohol,because that is the thing we don't have in common.I think Bill isn't drinking anymore. ... (58 replies)
... Sometimes--but not always--I get strange sensations after sitting up when lying down a while, and the same goes for standing up when sitting a while. It doesn't always happen. It's most likely to happen if I stand up too quickly. Sometimes it can be a lightheaded sensation (my vision will get fuzzy), which freaks me out, but it goes away instantly when I bend down a little.... (39 replies)
... or dehydration. yes drinking a lot of water can deplete the salt content,but it can also dehydrate you.think you might be a bit caffeine do you mean you drink a lot of coffee or soda too? ... (39 replies)
... h my left ear, and I finally found this thread! I am relieved to know others have it and haven't gone on to find out that it's serious. I get the tingling, itchy pressure in my ear too, no pain but just annoyance. It is also ONLY when I am sitting or lying down. I suspect it has something to do with caffeine or stress as well. ... (10 replies)

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