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... Hi. I am new to this board and I hope I can get some answers or, at least, find someone else to talk to. I have always had problems with headaches when the weather changed. This June, the weather went from cold to very hot and humid. I started getting headaches every day, as usual, and waited for the weather to plateau. ... (14 replies)
... t you at all, because i also know how frustrating anxiety is, even though i've only had it for a wee while. I have a friend who gets extremely depressed when the weather changes. and another one whose ADHD and finds that her hyperactivity escalates when the weather is great. ... (14 replies)
... You can go on his website to view the video .. that's what I did. I too have teh same feelings you do with the head pressure, light, sound and crowd sensitivity and feeling of being out of it. ... (16 replies)

... Thanks for the reply. I made this list overviewing my trouble to bring with me on my next doctors visit. I'm trying to decide if I need to see an ENT or a Neurologist. Any help is appreciated. Original problem (ocurring at nighttime, from October 2006) -off and on -effects me more in the winter time -trouble breathing -tight feeling in throat -waking up gasping for air... (5 replies)
... I have been having head pressure, heavy head, and a "spaced out" feeling daily for the past month. ... (5 replies)
... ng dizzy before i got my flu shot. acctually i was feeling that way during my shot. its like i could still carry on a conversation with the pharmasist, but in my head i was like oh my god, oh my god...i feel so weird and out of it. theres head pressure and i'm sensitive to sound and light. ... (16 replies)
... For about a month now, I have been feeling a heat sensation at the back of my head and neck, and feeling very hot at times, causing me to sweat even when the weather isn't hot. Two weeks ago I suffered from severe headache. ... (2 replies)
... to the brain, causing the dizzy unbalanced feeling, and also the numbness and tingling, I had them all after injuring my neck. A physical therapist can pinpoint weather or not this is the problem, a neuro. can also. They check what is called your trigger points. ... (3 replies)
Need help!
Oct 17, 2010
... I know of 2 dif. sources of head pressure that I had a problem with. If you noticed when it came on, was it a weather change? ... (4 replies)
... Well the weather is cooling off today and of course I felt good. I had a couple of bad days which is why I haven't been online "checking" things out. ... (30 replies)
... arthritis can predict rain. My pressure is relieved by 1 mg alprazolam or 1 Lortab 5. ... (9 replies)
... y allergy symptoms are way worse when the weather gets nice, sometimes I feel great, other times I wake up feeling drugged and have trouble thinking, my ears and head feel full, my thyroid symptoms came on slowly and gradually and did not get better but just plain got worse. Allegra is the only med. ... (15 replies)
... am feeling slightly better. The bump has gone down but could come back at any time which is what it seems to do. I have the feelings almost like it drains from head down my throat and sometime from my nose back up to my head. ... (30 replies)
... Ash, I've posted many times. Folks need to read past posts that apply. Anyway, I have the same problem (10yrs), many dr's, tests, scans & surgeries. If all tumors showed up, less posts for answers. Think positive, but a CT of brain/head, won't show a tumor in ear or sinus. A Coronal CT, (nose-in CT) might. A tumor has to be larger than 1cm for the radiologist to care.... (15 replies)
Please help
Jul 6, 2012
... One of the main symptoms I get is a ton of head pressure, which then affects my thinking, and concentration. ... (1 replies)
Please Help!!!!
Apr 16, 2005
... For the past two days, my head has felt like its full of pressure, and today I got this burning sensation on the top of my head. I have some pain, but it's more like pressure. ... (1 replies)
... Well, going to check on hubby. He's under the weather with that stinkin' flu but seems to be getting better because he wants cake! Yummy! Talk to you soon! ... (51 replies)
... Well I am glad to hear that you are feeling better. I have been feeling crappy lately. I have the pressure feeling back again, and of course it has been rainy and damp. I have pressure behind my eye and the head feels tender. ... (30 replies)
... Anyway I had a bad day today. The bump was pressure today, not really a bump but just pressure. I did have post nasal drip when I was on the antibiotics too, not bad though. I was more stuffed up than anything. ... (30 replies)
... Hi, i have various symptoms which i feel have progressively increased (albeit slowly) or at least persisted over the past 3-4 years. For the most part ive just tried to ignore it, as i tend to ignore problems. I know its not a good attitude, especially when its to do with my health.. but i just cant keep ignoring it much longer. The main symptoms i have include: - Sore,... (2 replies)

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