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... It should be noted that, soon after I began taking Paxil, I noticed I would get intensely euphoric effects from doses of caffeine in excess of 100mg. ... (4 replies)
... So if I got an ulcer, or a perforation in the stomach, could a whole set of strange physiological symptoms result? ... (17 replies)
... No, you didn't upset me, please don't worry about that. The anxiety I had over these more serious conditions happened long ago. I've learned not to let such things affect me too much anymore, as it is. About the dehydration thing, yeah I do sometimes have unusual thirst. However, I usually drink water, and *lots* of it. I drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. True I... (58 replies)

... just thinking how your blood tests showed "possible dehydration"...which seems to me that you need to keep yourself more hydrated.That could be a "clue" to your head pressure and also that would relate to your sinuses being "dry"which doesn't help head pressure. ... (58 replies)
... bran cereals before, but most of them have too much sugar. too much sugar can cause fatigue for me. but the thing that helps the most these days for my chronic constipation is ground flaxseed. ... (58 replies)
... like while sitting at the computer if I rest my elbow on the desk or put too much pressure with my hand on the mouse.... ... (58 replies)
... these tests help in finding the "underlying problem" when calcium is high. ... (58 replies)
... Could be related to the constipation ........... ... (39 replies)
... I totally forgot about this place in the meantime and recently posted on other health boards. I will try this place again, in hopes that someone knows SOMETHING that will help me, before my entire life becomes unmanageable in the longterm. ... (39 replies)
... Hello Bill...I apologize for sounding so blunt in my last post to you.You are Welcome here as much as any of us are. ... (41 replies)
... About IBS, I think I have it. I have all kinds of pushing, pulling sensations going on in my gut at all times of the day, a lot of bloating, a lot of spasming, and frequent severe constipation. ... (39 replies)
... Hi Bill I know you say you cant afford the tests but I really think you need them... But anyway yes you could try the subs I recommend Methylcobalamin though not the others as it has a great impact on neuro symptoms esp.... and the healing is better you need to take a few subs though.... It is highly likely you have a deficiency with the alcholisim you are right on... (39 replies)
... Bill, Many people with Lyme's Disease present with similar symptoms. You might want to check out the Lyme's Boards. Bethsheba (39 replies)
... In that appointment, I went in with serious concerns about constipation and possible impaction, he addressed that.. of course I had many other health concerns, but he didn't leave time to discuss anything else.. ... (39 replies)
... vitamin levels were tested. Other than that, I just know it was the "average blood work up" for a male in his mid 20s. The doctor's office called back when they got the results, and they said "everything checked out fine." Both a relief and a disappointment. ... (39 replies)
... focus my mind in this bleak period and decrease my depression. It might be noteworthy to say I'm on 30mg Paxil, which I've taken for years. ... (1 replies)
... In my early 20's I began having tingling in my right leg. I was dealing with something very traumatic so my Dr was quick to come to the anxiety conclusion and I was given an antidepresant. ... (8 replies)
... work in our life. ... (7 replies)
Tonsillar ectopia
Nov 12, 2008
... and generally just really unwell.was told it was glandular fever but because of weight loss was put in hospital.they found nothing. ... (13 replies)
... I would demand an MRI and ask for it with and without contrast. I have a pituitary tumor. The pituitary gland is located on the bottom of the brain right in between the eyes and can cause visual disturbances, but to see it you must have an MRI done with and without contrast, an injection. ... (10 replies)

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