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... really been able to help. I went on anxiety meds, but stopped taking those because they didn't help, plus i have never had anxiety issues. Essential tremor runs in my family and I have dealt with that since high school, but nothing has been more debilitating that this head pressure. ... (14 replies)
... In my early 20's I began having tingling in my right leg. I was dealing with something very traumatic so my Dr was quick to come to the anxiety conclusion and I was given an antidepresant. ... (8 replies)
... Hi Bill I know you say you cant afford the tests but I really think you need them... But anyway yes you could try the subs I recommend Methylcobalamin though not the others as it has a great impact on neuro symptoms esp.... and the healing is better you need to take a few subs though.... It is highly likely you have a deficiency with the alcholisim you are right on... (39 replies)

Chiari Anyone????
Feb 27, 2005
... and there is pressure put on ur brain and some times ur spine which can lead to another condition sometimes associated with it, syringomyelia. ... (21 replies)
... I understand they happen when you are in a reclined position but where are they felt? ... (22 replies)
... Not sure if your still checking the boards, your symptoms caught my eye, for that's how mine started, check out the Health Issue of Chronic Fatigue on this board, if there still has been no dx. ... (12 replies)
... pressure in various places around the head,particularly the temples. ... (23 replies)
... Confusion, difficulty in thinking, lack of concentration,forgetfulness, poor short term memory, poor attention, problem absorbing new information. ... (14 replies)
Need advice
Jul 27, 2008
... I'm glad our responses were helpful in helping you not feel so alone. The MS board was a heaven sent for me. ... (14 replies)
At my wits end
Jun 21, 2008
... of the neck when you tilt your head back and move it. ... (6 replies)
... I have had a month of wild symptoms. An odd unexplained pressure in the left side of my head. This is accompanied by extreme fatigue, i feel as if am always about to get a headache. ... (2 replies)
... I have had a month of wild symptoms. An odd unexplained pressure in the left side of my head. This is accompanied by extreme fatigue, i feel as if am always about to get a headache. ... (35 replies)
... With Chiari, you can't see an abnormality in our heads. Our heads look just like everyone else. The abnormalty is in the skull, it the back of the head. The skull is actually too small, therefore not leaving enough space for the brain. ... (29 replies)
Aug 8, 2001
... Hi I am 33 years old and started having vertigo lack of balance, severe pressure in my head and sharp pain in the right eye with flashes of lights in November. I have suffered from Migranes fro about a year. ... (2 replies)
... are the main ones and seem to be getting worse. Since I have never had any sort of diagnosis, only "normal" results for various tests, I am at a loss as to what in the world could be going on. I feel like a total hypochondriac, but something in my gut is telling me something is wrong here. ... (1 replies)
Tonsillar ectopia
Nov 12, 2008
... and generally just really unwell.was told it was glandular fever but because of weight loss was put in hospital.they found nothing. ... (13 replies)
... I think that my symptoms most resemble the both of yours. I'm not quite sure I'm responding in the correct way to make sure both of you see this, so please respond when you read this, even if it's to say you don't have any answers, but you saw my post. ... (25 replies)
... As much as I may be a pessimist, I don't think that head pressure has much in common with Lyme Disease; while Lyme Disease can be a mysterious disease and affects people differently, it has its own core set of symptoms. I myself do not have any of the typical Lyme symptoms, other than chronic fatigue. Lyme Disease has been the new catch-all diagnosis on the Internet, and... (14 replies)
... feel better but then out of the blue i'd just start feeling 'worse' physically which would drive me down in general. ... (25 replies)
... ut that because it fixed itself the next day. I had been healthy from then on to now. When I was 19 my first year of college I developed tinnitus, headaches, and fatigue for about 2 weeks. I just slept through it. It was nothing too worrisome because all of those symptoms went away after those 2 weeks completely. ... (0 replies)

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