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... hear anything if you are suffering from a bleed. He mentioned something about the sinus' as well. Not the Nasal sinus but something that goes around the back of your head and that this could be causing my problems. Otherwise I may have a possible bleed. ... (9 replies)
... I get a very load pulsing in my head as well. Feels like my heart is beating in my head and I can hear the pulsating sound. I feel this even more after bending over or strainng myself. ... (11 replies)
... out your body and usually occur while laying down but while still awake right before falling asleep and only last for a split second? ... (7 replies)

... I am so glad i found this forum and although you all posted in 2008 I hope you still respond to this. I suffered 2 concussions, one in August 09 and the other in Jan 2010. ... (0 replies)
... When you got an MRI, your eyes really jumped around in your head? ... (29 replies)
... I am glad you got through the MRI ok. Did you find your eyes jumped around in your head? ... (29 replies)
... If your doctor is not willing to help you and is using the lame " it's all in your head excuse", then look for another neurologist. ... (16 replies)
Head pains
Sep 25, 2008
... You should definately see a Dr about this and request an MRI. Many things could be causing this so you should have it checked out to ease your mind. ... (1 replies)
... Ya know, maybe it is chronic depression. Like today, I felt tired and off balance all day at work. A. I did not get enough sleep last night(only 5 hours), B. When I came home I decided that tonight I would go to bed early and then boom, I started feeling pretty normal again. As if the idea that I will feel better tomorrow somehow made me feel better NOW. I DO think... (12 replies)
... Best wishes on finding out what it is. I am so glad you are going to a doctor. But even if it does turn out to be 'in your head', most mental issues are actually physical, chemical issues so do not rule them out as less meaningful or necessary to fix. ... (12 replies)
... ck clean, that makes me suspicious that you don't have one, unless the radiologist wasn't looking for sinus stuff, you could have this clarified by speaking with your doctor. It might depend on the "reason" the cat scan was done. ... (10 replies)
... You probably suffer from migraine headaches along with severe anxiety (which could contribute to the the pressure sensation in your head). You might also be suffering from a dissociative disorder known as depersonalization and derealization. you are not alone. (3 replies)
... Is the burning in your head caused by the lesions they found in your brain? ... (8 replies)
... Quite often I experience a swelling feeling in my head, although its not pressure in a physical sense. ... (0 replies)
... pressure in your head!! I've had that for many years and have yet to get an answer as to what causes it. ... (5 replies)
... first I have sinus problems...and whenever I've had a sinus infection that was really bad...I couldn't lay down,because the pressure was tremendous...just like you described. ... (9 replies)
Chiari ...
Oct 23, 2008
... I know this is hard and oh so frustrating. But your right! Crying is gonna make it worse. It builds up the pressure in your head. With chiari, avoid crying only for your own good. Make yourself a nice cup of tea and relax. ... (97 replies)
... You stated that you eat healthy, but have you tried eliminating wheat from your diet and other carbs? ... (5 replies)
Romberg's Sign
Nov 21, 2008
... I noticed in your other posts that you have pressure in your head, this is the same thing I have, and I've had it for 5 years now... ... (10 replies)
... work in our life. ... (7 replies)

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