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... check out BPPV as well. My husband has it. He was in the hospital last summer for 3 days and still is not right. There is info on the web about it. ... (12 replies)
... I have been like this for OVER 4 YEARS!!!! I have had every test you can possibly think of. I'm not trying to scare you, but I just want to let you know that I have been suffering with this constant lightheadedness for a long time. It went away for a few months last year, but came back with a vengeance in January. :mad: Hopefully you will be able to feel better so you... (12 replies)
... ts always constant.. i've been to the doc like 4 times but he always says " nope.. just wait it out these things can last for several weeks.. " but i mean i'm on my 5 month.. ... (12 replies)

... have you had your blood pressure checked recently? ... (6 replies)
Pineal Gland Cyst
Sep 25, 2008
... I was having all kinds of weird neurological symptoms last fall...strong pressure in my head, dizziness, weakness, headaches, etc. MRI showed nothing but a 6mm pineal cyst. ... (4 replies)
... I do not remember a bite nor did I get a bulls eye rash. My skin gets red a lot easier though and I got a chigger like rash that migrates and comes and goes usually when symptoms are worse. ... (2 replies)
... I've had health problems my whole life, but in my mid 20's when I started to have children, things went haywire! I've been dealing with a slew of symptoms and for the most part, just chalked it up to hormones. ... (5 replies)
... weeks ago I started having dizziness. I've had ear problems in the past . I went to my PCP. As suspected, I had fluid in my ears. I was given a shot of steroids and some antibiotics and sent on my way. The dizziness cleared up for about a week. ... (3 replies)
... on to another person a week ago. It wasn't with much impact. Probably 1.5 mph. Definitely not as major as diving into a pool. I have this pressure on my neck and head. When I lift my neck up, most of the pressure is relieved. When I lay down for a period of time, I feel blood has pooled into the back of my head. ... (0 replies)
... Unfortunately Lab is different for everyone, but mine started with extreme dizziness in May and my recovery has been fairly slow. It's possible that the virus just effected you differently and maybe the virus didn't cause damage right away? ... (6 replies)
... iencing symptoms now for quite sometime, and now I feel they aregetting worse. I was diagnosed 5 yrs ago with lymes disease. athough I never found a tick or rash my blood test ALWAYS SHOW POSITIVE, ok most of my ymptoms appeared back then but over the years they have gotton worse, increased, and changed somewhat. ... (2 replies)
... your symptoms sound similar to mine. I've been told that it is positional vertigo even though my dizziness doesn't happen when I move my head, it sounds a lot like yours. Also i have constant head pressure as well and i do have high blood pressure which my doctor may think is related. ... (4 replies)
... My head feels like it is full of water all of the time, there is pressure in my head and my head constantly feels like it is swimming under water. This has been going on constantly for at least 2 years. ... (4 replies)
... I started to get a pain across the back of my head and dizziness which lasted a few seconds. It got much worse and last September I collapsed in the street. ... (47 replies)
... I should say I have some occasional balance problems, massive brain fog, and head pressure, but dizziness is a rare symptom for me. Actual headache is uncommon, but head pressure is constant. ... (9 replies)
... c that sounds like something i feel. the dizziness and pressure. ... (16 replies)
... Do you find you get the dizziness when you stand up also? ... (14 replies)
... twitches, weakness or loss of strength in my arms and legs, and unexplained pain in various parts of my body. ... (17 replies)
... I've been experiencing head pressure dizziness and nausea for a few years now. Now I'm having bowel issues as well. Recently my vision has been off as well. I see trails and my left pupil is way larger than the right. Could this be a tumor causing all of this? ... (4 replies)
... I have been reading on the forums for a while now, but this is my first post. I am hoping someone can help me or at least give me some ideas, I wasn't even sure where to post this since there is so much going on. ... (1 replies)

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