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... I'm 26 and I've been having some really weird symptoms lately and I finally mentioned them to my family today which made me even more nervous. I don't know if this is the right board to post to, but here are my symptoms... ... (7 replies)
Tonsillar ectopia
Nov 12, 2008
... cramping in my toe and my toe stands straight up it hurts like hell. ... (13 replies)
... They have ran some blood tests and nothing appeared apart from my red blood cells were quite big which indicates vitamin deficiency, but i had more tests which showed i didn't have that. ... (1 replies)

... uld see why you would if it carried on for such a long period of time! Mine sometimes comes on randomly too, and i've been told just to keep myself busy and take my mind off things. It usually works. ... (14 replies)
Twitching Temple
Nov 9, 2004
... Prtam I have had the same thing before. About a week ago my temple would twitch for about 10 seconds at a time every few minutes all day long. ... (4 replies)
... scan of the head to check for retention cysts in the sinus cavities. Vertigo will cause dizziness, upset stomach, off balance, etc. ... (1 replies)
... I hope you are feeling better. I was on trazedone for my depression. I am experiencing pressure in my head and dizziness and burning sensations in my eyes and head, its as if someone has put pepper. It get so worst that I have to put my head under cold water. Had a C.T. Scan it came out to be normal. ... (2 replies)
Jun 7, 2003
... Yes, I have a tumour on my left thyroid lobe. They found it by feeling around on my neck. My doctor felt a knot in my lower neck. I'm having a biopsy done next week to see if it's malignant. But, as for all of my weird symptoms, I still have no answer. ... (8 replies)
... For about, maybe a year now I've been experiencing some of the same symptoms you talk about. And too, I will get the strangest feeling in my head and all I can say is that it has to be as close to a seizure as you can get without having one. It's the strangest sensation and I cannot explain it to anyone. ... (23 replies)
... look at the floor it is rolling like ocean waves. When standing up after crouching or sitting I get a big wave of dizziness, like all the blood is draining from my head which feels really heavy. At the same time I get a roaring noise in the ears and my eyesight goes dark with black microdots. ... (23 replies)
... These days the frequency of tingling in left side of head is increased and i cannot do anything till the time the pain gets over. About 10 seconds i feel the pain and then its normal. ... (0 replies)
... Thanks for replying. Unfortunately my situation has worsened with no answer! Since that time the neck pain has become unbearable. I also started Twitching! and having muscle cramps. Very scary. ... (5 replies)
Need help!
Jun 13, 2011
... he doctor and has persisted for 6 weeks or more. I've also been experiencing the dizziness, confusion, anxiety, irratability mentioned in many of these postings. My weight and diarrhea seem to be under control but I'm really avoiding sugar, processed foods. ... (4 replies)
... hi would anyone be able totell me their symptoms of their a 27 year old female and after a bang to the head am convinced i have one.ive been in terrible pain everyday for over a year now and had regular severe headaches for 4 years beforehand. ... (6 replies)
... mine all stahis message.rted when i was wrestling with this guy. after i got up i was really dizzy, and my vision was all messed up, i call it "scattered" cause its not blurry or double. ... (19 replies)
... mine all started when i was wrestling with this guy. after i got up i was really dizzy, and my vision was all messed up, i call it "scattered" cause its not blurry or double. ... (19 replies)
... WOw, someone konws how I feel. I woke up a few weeks ago my face kind of tingly and numb and this odd pressure from my cheek clear through to the back of my head. It doesnt hurt but feels strange, and it makes me feel have a floating feeling as if im a step behind my body. Sound familiar? ... (10 replies)
... which is a positive. I've had 2 sleep studies done and my pressure is set at 12.0. I wear it faithfully everynight, all night long...thinking that even if it doesnt help me feel better, maybe it might be helping my memory ! ... (1 replies)
... for me I think mine is caused by changes in my hormones.I say that because I have had this before and then it would ease up and I'd be okay. ... (25 replies)
... foggy head feeling being connected. I know if I apply pressure to my trigger points I feel the pain radiate to my head.. I just question whether or not the type of dizziness I feel, and the brain fog, waking up feeling drunk could be related. ... (20 replies)

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