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... I suffered a seizure aprox one week ago whilst settling into sleep, it started as a pressure in the chest area and around the heart, like a heavy weight placed on the chest, this spread to a mild dull pain through my left shoulder and upper arm. ... (4 replies)
Mar 28, 2013
... had m.e for 12 years and had numerous strange symptoms over the years. I woke up at the end of November with vertigo, off balance, left sided headache, left side pressure in head, burning feeling in left side of head, watery left eye and my gp thought it was bppv so he referred me to an ent specialist. ... (0 replies)
... On and off in my life I have had health problems. None of them stayed around. Bladder, feet swelling, stomach, leg weakness, low blood pressure and, for about two years, blinding migraines. The last 11 years I have been suffering from episodes of severe weakness, pain, shortness of breath and diplopia. ... (4 replies)

... Not sure if your still checking the boards, your symptoms caught my eye, for that's how mine started, check out the Health Issue of Chronic Fatigue on this board, if there still has been no dx. ... (12 replies)
Oct 8, 2009
... I've had a aura like light in my sight for 18 days now. it started while watching TV and suddenly half the TV went dark. Then a half hour later i got the normal migraine aura and headache. ... (0 replies)
... To start, the findings is a result of my mother recently going to the hospital for a ruptured brain aneurysm. ... (1 replies)
... You are sooo young to have so much going on. I'm an old lady at 42. To be 24 again!! My tingling started around that age. I hope they get a grip on whats going on with you soon. ... (14 replies)
... and the meds I have been on have helped some but mostly seem to mask the nerve issues rather than cure the problem which led me back to this forum. ... (28 replies)
... I am what's known as 'Negative ANA Lupus' meaning I have never tested ANA pos. for Lupus...BUT a DX was given finally, based on meeting the 'criteria' and the fact of testing APS Pos. ... (1 replies)
... Are these probs for you, showering in morning, riding not driving, morning in general, moving about opposed to sitting, I had an MRI done 4 weeks ago that showed my maxillery sinus completly closed. After 2 weeks of antibiotics and decongestants I feel the same. ... (19 replies)
... I am a 21 year old male from England, UK. In October 2003 i was diagnosed with an ear infection in my left ear, i got some medication and it cleared up after about ten days. But I started getting severe symptoms in November 2003. ... (19 replies)
... Here are my symptoms: - Symptoms: -Balance/gait issues (cerebellar ataxia?) - full body ‘vibrations’ when lying down -waves of dizziness -slight motor problems -internal/resting tremor (8 replies)
Brain Aneurysm
May 11, 2014
... Both my mother and grandmother have high blood pressure and my mother has been a VERY heavy smoker for about 40 years. I, on the other hand, always have great blood pressure and I do not smoke and barely drink, although I am constantly around secondhand smoke. ... (0 replies)
... Hello, I have been feeling unwell for almost 8 years now and things are getting to the point where I feel like I am dying. I do not know what is going on with me, so I am posting with the hopes that someone will recognize some of my symptoms and possibly identify what I might be going through. ... (71 replies)
... Veteran members or anyone with any ideas, please share them with me. I'm ready to pull my hair out. I am so frustrated and mentally exhausted by my Odyssey of problems, I'm used to good health and my problems as of late are mind boggling. ... (0 replies)
... I had many of the same symptoms as all of you in 1995. It started with a terrible headache and a weakness in my right arm and leg, and when I woke up in the morning, I had paralysis down my whole right side, my face drooped, as did the corner of my eye. ... (71 replies)
B12 Deiciency?
Mar 30, 2011
... This seems to cover most of what i've been dealing with over last 9 months. Negative for thyroid though my perioxidase was a bit high. Started me on vitamin D. Neck scan, MRI neck not my artery. Did show herniated disks c7 and c5 though they said that was no big deal. ... (7 replies)
... feeling....if your right sinus is swollen that could account for the blurriness in your right eye due to sinus pressure...I have experienced that too. ... (45 replies)
Chiari symptoms
Sep 14, 2008
... Let me tell you about my 1st neurologist appointment. Of course you wait so long to get in so when you finally get to see them, theres hope that you'll get help. ... (83 replies)
... i have a lot going on with me too. i can name like 10 diseases i have right now.. ... (14 replies)

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