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... Hi. Have you had an MRI? The pain you describe is typical of Chiari I Malformation, which can only be detected on an MRI. It will show if your "tonsils" (in the cerebellum) are protruding into your spinal cord, restricting the flow of CSF flow. Sue (7 replies)
... I'd like to apologize in advance if i'm in the wrong place. This seems like such a big forum and I can't seem to find my problem anywhere. Has anyone ever moved their head so sudden that you get a "explosion" of pain at the base of your head? ... (7 replies)
... accually i had a stroke, then another..till i hit 7 of them. i was having all kinds of weird things happening to me but apparently had nothing to do with my arterial makeup. as i was born this way and lived 38 years before i started to have problems. i had two blood diseases i didnt know about. ... (6 replies)

... His problems began with pain, weakness, in his limbs and elevated over the years to the point where he couldn't use his right hand to use a pen or do any coordinated movements.. ... (13 replies)
... I have a chairi malformation, it was found in oct. of 2005,it took me 10 years for doctors to figure out what was wrong..I had to resign from my job,the balance and nausea got so bad,and visual problem,and numbness in arms and legs..I finally got to see this neurosurgeon,and he looked at my mri's and seen the chairi malformation,but i also have neck issues to..I did have... (5 replies)
DX with chiari
Oct 22, 2008
... then nothing helped.Then i thought theres no way acid reflux is causing all these problems.I've been scoped 3 times this year down my throat.My main problem is the feeling of something stuck in my thraot. ... (55 replies)
... like headache but it seems like, at this point, that it must be in my head.... I was finally diagnosed with some sort of AADD and taking methilphenidate which seems to help also my cognitions. I have struggle with depression all of my life and worked hard in therapy. ... (4 replies)
Brain mri results
Oct 10, 2009
... er also done an MRI on at least your c spine area too just to see if any of the symptoms you mentioned could also be stemming at least in part from some level of problem within that c spine? ... (7 replies)
... neck problem that could be adjusted? ... (45 replies)
... Everyone has went pretty far off track here... Cerebellum atrophy sounds pretty serious -and, sadly, progressive. I suggest you listen to your doctors about this one or find a better doctor to treat you for this as it can, hopefully, be slowed down. The reason it's hard for anyone to really guess what's going on though is because the symptoms you list are so common, yet... (28 replies)
Mri/mra questions
Oct 17, 2006
... my aneurysm since it did not show up well on the MRI.this was only because of the area it was at within the was at a bend and also very near a junction with another artery. ... (1 replies)
... mors greatly depend on the location, and type and size of the tumor. I had headaches but they weren't severe, just a little different, and I had a little trouble with balance, because the cerebellum controls balance. I had brain surgery, was out of the hosptal in five days, and went back to work five weeks later. ... (1 replies)
... oms and a heap of others I eventually was diagnosed with B12 deficeincy after 5 years of complaining to doctors and untold tests my level was 130 but I presented with symptoms at 372 and told that that level was normal...... I am doing much better now the treatment is simple albeit life long but worth it..... ... (28 replies)
... old male, and i have had constant dizziness, poor balance, and pulsatile tinnitus over the past two years. The symtoms have worsened over time, having started with just occasional dizziness. ... (28 replies)
... that have Chiari and one of them had the decompression surgery and she is very messed up from it!She hs to take several drugs just to deal with the pain and it's been several years since her surgery.So I feel that for me I will never,ever,ever let a dr. cut my head open and mess me up like that. ... (44 replies)
Chiari ...
Sep 26, 2008
... but thats the problem im not sure i can be strong!!!! ... (97 replies)
Chiari symptoms
Jul 23, 2008
... Honestly, I'm amazed that your dr told you he didn't know and referred you on. That rarely happens with this lovely disorder. ... (83 replies)
Jan 29, 2008
... Dont know anything about this stuff. If there is stuff I can do, to put up with headaches,fainting feeling, left eye swelling, balance, if anyone has answers or suggestions. I am open to them. ... (0 replies)
... i am only asking as i had the most horrid gait and vision problems with some of the anti siezure meds that you are Rxed for neuropathic pain.the absolute worst was lyrica. ... (3 replies)
Chiari Anyone????
Feb 27, 2005
... Yes a bang on the head can lead to teh chiari becoming a problem...see ur born with it but it doesn't always lead to problems and stuff like a bag on the head makes the cerebellum get pushed and pressure alot starting symptoms, thats quite common (mine was untriggered) My pain is right sided and my head....and its daily pain and constant for the past 6 yrs. I'm only 18 so I... (21 replies)

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