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... I have a spinal tap scheduled for next and have never had one before, but I am getting it done to check for a possible pseudotumor cerebri. ... (4 replies)
... They generally do a spinal tap for pseudotumor cerebri to see what the opening pressure is in your spinal cord. pseudotumor cerebri is a build up of the CFS fluid. It can be caused by many things such as being overweight. ... (5 replies)
... t the intensity of your symptoms are, but I would SERIOUSLY question the need for a spinal tap and I would also SERIOUSLY question the risks involved of having a spinal tap and I would question what could be learned from a spinal tap, and what the accuracy of that diagnositic test is!!! ... (5 replies)

... I'm guessing that from routine eye exam that showed a swollen optic nerve gave your dr's reason to believe that you could have pseudotumor and prescribed diomax to see if it took some pressure off. Fluid build up in the brain can put pressure on the optic nerve. ... (4 replies)
... ressure was a little over 300 and the Neuro said that is too high. He is sending me to see a Neuro Ophthalmologists at the Kresge Eye Institute to see if I have Pseudotumor Cerebri and to have something done to protect my eyes. ... (1 replies)
... What all tests from the spinal tap do they do? ... (5 replies)
... op check from when I had my optic nerve surgery done for my Pseudotumor Cerebri and the doctor wants me to get another spinal tap done because my optic nerves are not healing as well as he had hoped. ... (1 replies)
... The drinking caffeine and lying flat after a spinal tap are actually not supported by any facts, but they have been repeated so often that many patients and doctors think that this is the case. ... (4 replies)
... ical of having one done. My neurologist was very nice and gave me anesthesia for it. I actually ended up having a 2nd done about a month later. They said I had a pseudotumor and the pressure or fluid in my spinal column was like 42 when it should be around 20. I had really really bad headaches. ... (7 replies)
... My doctor thought I might have Pseudotumor cerebri, and also put me on diamox. I took one pill, and said the hell with it. ... (5 replies)
... don't sleep well at night, waking up usually once an hour. My neurologist has me scheduled for a lumbar puncture for next week to determine if the diagonisis of pseudotumor is correct. ... (4 replies)
... ed that if I go back they'll find something worse, I did have some white spots show up on my MRI but the doctor said I'm too young to have MS and he believes the Pseudotumor Cerebri is the cause? ... (0 replies)
... Thank goodness the neuro didn't do the spinal tap, but I did end up having to have a blood patch done too and that was NOT fun. ... (3 replies)
... s an opthmologist. This guy could barely talk he was so nervous. He also said he thought I had a condition. He was sending me for a cat scan of the brain, then a spinal tap to confirm this condition. He said all I had to do was lose weight. ... (8 replies)
... One other question. Did you get your optic nerves diagnosed at an eye doctor? I wanted to have this done, but am not sure if a regular eye doctor can do so. (5 replies)
... My daughter also has pseudotumor cerebri and we were told that it does go away in a few years. ... (8 replies)
... t was a life changing event. The day following my Lp I couldn't even lift my head up of the bed, the pain was so bad. So I was told that I had the lovely infamas spinal headache. I spent the weekend in the hospital on morphine. The pain was in my head, my neck and traveled down to my fingertips. ... (6 replies)
... Hi I just thought I'd let you know I decided to get the tap, its on Tuesday. My Optic Nerves are very swollen so even though I didn't get it done yet they put me on Diamox, its made me have horrible headaches, and feeling very light headed. Kind of like a head rush feeling if you let all the blood rush to your head and come up really fast then you laugh, thats how I feel... (5 replies)
... I also had a blood patch done the day following my second LP. This was done again, in the same manner, sitting on the side of the bed. I got a spinal headache from my 1st LP so the blood patch helps close the hole. ... (4 replies)
... hey.. i was also told to have a spinal tap to take out fluid in my spine.. i refused this though.. got to scared.. pseduotumor is when we have to much fluid in our brain and pressure in our optic nerve.. ... (5 replies)

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